Appeal to the NSCN collective leadership

It is the fervent appeal of the concerned citizens upon the Collective Leadership of the NSCN/GPRN to seriously evaluate the unfavorable repercussions that may result through the participation or involvement of the national workers in the up-coming general by-elections in the State of Nagaland.

That, Sir, as our Naga nationhood being our priority and the preservation and strengthening of unity, integrity, welfare and well-being of all the Nagas is being the most important precedence above all else, we appeal for your wise judgment and intervention for the benefit of the Nagas. That, through the past incidents experienced by the general Naga public, though involvement in the Indian elections by national workers were ruled out by the Collective Leadership, there had occurred certain instances where national workers had involved themselves, either directly or indirectly. These happenings had imprinted a bad impression upon the NSCN/GPRN as well as lost much trust vested upon it. As the NSCN/GPRN is an organization representing all the Nagas and its manifesto also clearly affirms that it is a ‘one party one government’, we believe that there would be no partisan policies adopted by the sole bulwark organization of the Nagas.

There have existed divisive and tribalistic leanings transfused by inimical forces to divide the Naga family, which we have been grappling with. In addition to such prevalent tendency, if the national workers involve themselves in siding with one Naga against the other Nagas, that will undoubtedly alienate us into disunity and heighten the growth of disaffection, parochial separatism and ultimate disintegration of our society.

Though the election process may be under the Indian democratic constitutional norms, it is a process where the candidates as well as the electorates are Nagas. Hence, in the common interest of the Nagas and to avoid disunity, it would be best for all the national workers to abstain from any involvement in the ensuing by-elections, which are being contested in-between four-five Naga candidates. It would be best in the interest of the Nagas to freely exercise their democratic rights by deciding who to choose as their representative before any solution to the Indo-Naga political issue is attained. While the Naga people in assertion of our rights for self-determination are undertaking initiatives to resolve the vexed Indo-Naga political imbroglio, Nagas are also afflicted by elements of parochialisms and hegemony that are gradually tearing us apart. At this crucial stage where the NSCN/GPRN is engaged in political talks with India for the sovereignty and integration of a common Naga peoples’ land and our unique identity, if they participate in the election process it will not only demean its image as representative of all the Nagas but will also alienate the trust of the people.

While the Collective leaders are here with us today, as before, verbal assurances of non-involvement in the elections will remain meaningless unless it is practically implemented. Negation of the Collective leaders’ directives will only demonstrate disrespect and dishonor of them, thus depicting anarchy and disorder of the leading Naga organization representing the Nagas. We need to recognize these ambivalences and ambiguities and enforce beneficial tendencies towards reinforcing unity, while struggling against the conditions which create the possibility of these diverse stirrings.

Therefore, the concerned citizens with the hope for strengthening unity and the common welfare of all the Nagas appeal to the Collective Leadership of the NSCN/GPRN to exercise their leadership’s wisdom, in the interest of our Naga nation, to avert the Naga people from succumbing to further more divisive alienations.

Concerned Citizens,
Khekivi Sumi,
Resident, Burma Camp, Dimapur
Among Longkumer,
Resident, Duncan Bosti, Dimapur
Roland Lotha,
Resident, Supply Colony, Dimapur
Tsubenthung Lotha,
Resident, NST Colony, Dimapur
Hekishe Sumi,
Resident, Khermahal, Dimapur