Are Government Hospitals in Nagaland providing quality health-care service?

Those who voted ‘NO’ had to say:

•    Simple reason! When we visit the hospitals in Nagaland, it speaks volumes about the pathetic condition of health care services.

•    They mind for the job security but not job their optimum service of salary...

•    Because the doctors in govt. hospital still practice their own private clinic where in many occasions the patients are told to come to their clinic for further check up.

•    No, the government hospitals fail miserable in providing basic health care facilities to its citizens. There are various reasons behind this sorry state of affairs of the health department. Primary among them are wise scale corruption, poor infrastructure, lack of specialist etc. On top of that our health professionals have forgotten their Hippocratic oath. In suck a scenario the question of availing quality health service does not arise.

•    No, because from top to bottom there is no accountability and transparency in all system of governance and management of services. Secondly, due to want of accountability and transparency corruption is accepted life style and part of parcel of assimilated culture. Last but not the least is there is chronic want of professional ethics and professionalism among Doctors and Nurses. “People must also be rational while needing care of physician and physicians must also understand and realize the mass ignorance.”

•    No, the states of civil hospitals are deplorable. They are dirty and unhygienic and the workers working are indifferent, rude and with no professional ethics of conduct. The other problem is that some of the Doctors are busy practicing in their own private clinics while still occupying a position at the Government Civil Hospital. If the treatment has to improve, this practice of doing both private and government job must be stopped. The infrastructure is poor and the equipments are very badly maintained without care.  

Those who voted ‘MAYBE’ had to say:

•    May be, but not up to satisfaction, but improving from before.