Are Government provided facilities such as official vehicles or employees being used for personal purposes in Nagaland? How?

Some of those who voted YES had this to say: 

•    No doubt. But in the first place, government should limit the random purchase of vehicles. Purchases should be as per necessity and not as a luxury. Unfortunately there is a general thinking that the type and number of vehicles indicate the rank and status in the society. See what the new CM of Sikkim said.

•    Yes, they think that government vehicles and staff are their personal slave and they don’t have any fear for the government because they are superior from them.

•    Go to any school... You will see NL10s dropping  and Picking kids

•    When even an ambulance is used for personal purposes in some places, one can well imagine about how other government official vehicles are being utilized.

•    Yes. We see this extensively in Kohima and Dimapur. The children of officers must not be allowed to use the official vehicle of their parent. This is where the main problem begins.

•    Yes. About official car - dropping off children to school, marketing and doing household chores are privileges every officer earn and deserve. 

•    Yes, but under clear cut policy and such policy must be strictly implemented. No one can deny for such facility as they are getting it for serving people, yet on the other hand they should not hurt the public sentiment while enjoying such facilities.

Some of those who voted NO had this to say: 

•    No. We cannot generalize. 

•    No. It is unfair. For some junior officers have no choice but to use the only available means of transport they have. This is the case in far flung areas where there are no autos, taxis or public transport of any kind.

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say: 

•    MEx Nagaland,  the response of netizens and citizens to the poll is obvious. The huge number of government vehicles being used for non-governmental/public service is happening with impunity for all to see in Nagaland. Government owned vehicles besides those belonging to law enforcement and emergency services plying on road long after office hours, particularly during the night is rampant. Using government vehicles for school duty, picnicking, outings, weddings and other non official engagements are too common. As for driving government vehicles to attend Church service and Hospital visits, I believe it is permitted in many countries but not very clear if it is so in the country and our state. Even if not, the same should be permitted. On the other issue of employing government servants for private purposes. It will require only a small effort to find out the huge number of police, home guard, fire and emergency services personals engaged in private works of many of their top officers. This is besides other government officers using their official drivers to run private, personal errands. To many people such issues may seem insignificant. But the reality is that for society to prosper and progress wholesomely, Rule of law needs to be effectively and strongly enforced upon those working for the government first.

•    This will lead to a reformation if issues are deliberated upon instead of putting the blame on the government 'SERVANT'. I am not saying everyone adheres to the conduct rules but every action has an explanation. And here I write for middle and junior rank officers because if seniors can do it, why can't we do better than them? Reign in the people's representatives and the elites first, the rest feels helpless ultimately.

•    There is a legislator who drops his children to school in his official vehicle everyday. I believe it is driven by his official driver as well. I am sure a two-time MLA can afford a private driver and vehicle.

•    I hope The Morung Express will come up with a good story with illustrative stories and pictures to backstop this survey. Please ask why Vehicle Log Books are not maintained for government vehicles.

•    Why not just cut the entire expenditure for purchase of new government vehicles from now on? That way we'll have fewer deficits of Central funds. The state is already overburdened with too much financial expenditure