Are indigenous women farmers significantly contributing in sustaining the food economy in Naga communities? Give Reasons

•    Yes, women are significantly contributing to sustaining the food in Naga communities. As per the farmer's work, I have seen in my village both men and women do hard work equally in different ways. For example, the men folks clear the forest for cultivation, and the women, the other hand, do the necessary cleaning digging, sowing of crops, and many others. Likewise in the paddy field, we will see that both men and women have their parts to be performed. For example, after transplanting the paddy the male folks will start clearing the unwanted plants with dao around the paddy field, and the women will clean the unwanted weeds inside the field and take off of those dry paddy leaves for the healthy growth of paddy, etc. And many other works which I can't express everything here. PS (I have written according to what I see in my village). And there are uncountable works that both men and women perform. So as far as farming is concerned yes definitely women do contribute tremendously.
•    Yes. They may not be the sole contributors but they play a big part in sustenance. More power to them for working hard in trying to support the family by doing so.


•    This statement is partially true, because when we say indigenous women we are mostly referring to old generations brought up women who don’t have basic education and not that literate at all. However, when you look at 21st century women and girls most of them are kind of literate and educated, now this is the problem ,young women and girls don’t have the humbleness to work in fields nor break their backs for food, time has gone, so do indigenous women farmers are going to disappear slowly and slowly, and their (indigenous women farmers) roles are going to vanish slowly by slowly if the entitled 21st century women and girls don’t take farming seriously (because they are Korean conscious, beauty conscious, bookish education conscious without applying in real life and lastly gender conscious-always blaming males for their problems, will never let them work on fields or on any other fields .Yes, women and girls of 21st century disgust farming .No matter how much women and girls of 21st century rub their mouth here and there accusing in the name of gender, unless they do take actions nothing is going to work. I do agree with the statement only for older women generations, which they deserved respect and honour, but not for young entitled women and girls of 21st century.