Are journalists in Nagaland upholding ethical standards of journalism? Give reasons

•    Yes. State journalists have to work under pressure from tribal politics and armed groups where even the IAS, IPS and Inspectors have been silenced. Our news organisations are doing a good job. Scope for improvement is there but they are doing a good job. 10 times more ethical and brave than corrupt police and bureaucrats

•    They don't report crime if it's done by rich kids (kids of ministers/officers)
•    No. Journalism in Nagaland needs to improve and this will start when public also starts holding them responsible for upholding ethical standards of journalism. There must be a responsible body to see that journalists are being true to their ethics.
•    Political alliance
•    With certainty a big No
•    No. You know the reason why.
•    A big Fat No. Most of the sponsor's of News Media Firm's is somehow related with Minister's or their Kin's. So, non question the real core issues directly to the concern individual or group. Freedom of press is limited to them.
•    No. I think not in my personal opinion. Journalist don't expose their own family or tribe. Lol. None of us seems to have the guts to go against his own corrupt family or tribe. We are yet to have whistle blowers like Edward Snowden and brave and secure news outlet like Guardian and Washington Post to do investigation and expose the crimes of the corrupt people in our state.
•    Only money works in publishing news and twisting facts

•    We should not generalise all the media personnel. The print journalists have a long history and are more matured and well versed in journalism. The print media is more professional in their approach. This cannot be said about the digital media journalist. Most of those in digital journalism do not have basic knowledge about ethics of journalism. You see ethics go out of the window when channels and journalists start asking for money to cover events. This is against journalism.
•    There is a upsurge of media organisations in our state of Nagaland. This is good for democracy but at the same time it also means that people may abuse the profession of journalism. Many of these young journalists are not trained in journalism and will not even know the basic ethics. The media organisations must take responsibility for training their journalists on ethics.
•    Felicitations, acknowledgements and rejoinders?
•    Not sure. Because we don't know how honest, brave or rational journalists are. Maybe they get threats or bribes etc. But got to admit, there are so many cases of Backdoor Appointments and no Investigative Journalism has led to jail term for anyone.
•    Not sure. Some news outlet in the state seems to favor one or the other political party or religion or tribe. You read the editorials and can easily make out their leanings. Morung Express is most neutral newspapers as per my opinion.
•    Not sure. But it appears that most journalists don't see their job as a calling. None have stood out as a beacon of bravery or visionary as per my knowledge.
•    Journalism has lost its glory in India... slowly all becomes a paid media... maajbhuri ho jataa hai.....if they speak against they are targeted simple ci baat
•    Are there even journalist in Nagaland?