Are Naga youths disciplined and hardworking in their professions?

Those who said YES had this to say:

•    Yes, they definitely are, it is just that they are not given the proper surrounding to utilize their talents.
•    Yes, but their value slowly deteriorate for those in white-collar jobs due to the present public servant corruption culture system and for those entrepreneurs creativity and success is next to impossible under the many pseudo-nationalist govt and skeleton state govt. 
•    Yes, I have been working through out my career or life since my childhood and now become as a software engineer and have my own website. My background being my dad and mum illiterate...

Those who said NO had this to say:

•    No, Naga youths need to improve, because future is becoming more competitive day by day.
•    No, almost everyone is selfish and lazy.
•    No, 1. Majority of the Naga youths are undisciplined and lazy minded. Due to want of proper guidance by parents. 2.Many youths are under the influence of so called politicians and leaders. Those politicians and leaders are power and money mongers. 3. Naga youths need to be sober and diligent if he or she thinks that future is in their hands.
•    No, lacks dedication
•    No, It is just that they are light minded. Only after fashion and dresses. Which is a temporary things and not of the mental development.
•    No, I am afraid easy money has misguided ambitions of Naga youth in urban areas. Villagers still toil hard to eke a living but work culture in townships is diminishing.
•    No, I don’t think Nagas are hard working peoples
•    No, Naga Youth are talented but lack long term hard work. They want things to happen at a go and which is impossible to success in life.
•    No, no majority are not. few who are disciplined and hardworking tend to stay outside Nagaland due to favors wanted by family and friends, who just want something for noting, not having the thought that the youth have worked hard to attain the place they have reached and if they are in business then they should be paid for the work they do even by the family members. Professionalism should be recognised and paid for.
•    No, misusing of time, no honor to elder not respect for teacher, no care
•    No, for as far as I’m concern we Naga Youths lack far beyond comparing with others. We, are just after easy money, don’t have the patience to wait till everything works out. Maybe, we just want to sit and make other work in our place and we take the credit for that. That’s how we are, too smart of our pride.
•    No, unless there is no spiritual awakening Nagas will fall prey to evil intentions of others as well as among ourselves, we need to be strong to live in peace.
•    No, Not at all. Naga youths are inconsistent and do not have the endurance to keep maintain a high standard of output in what they do. It is very sad that Naga youths are very spoilt and are unable to rise to the occasion.
•    No, Nagas have the drive and the desire to succeed in all areas of life. We also have what it takes to succeed. However, we suffer greatly from a severe lack of discipline to persevere. We also tend to suffer from a lack of focus and clearly define goals.

Those who said MAYBE had this to say:

•    Maybe, they try to be what they are expected to be on the surface but deep within, they know that it’s a fast world, time and tide waits for none. It’s a take or leave it thing, you don’t want to be jobless, do you? So they try hard to like their job. At the end of the day though – its all about the money.
•    Maybe, because may be some of them but not all.
•    Maybe, There it is. The biggest challenge lies with this humble question. Are they or not? Looking at the present young generation breeds, proving worth in newer avenues… the sky is the limit! One positive say: Employers put trust to expect trustworthy, hardwork and discipline the employees.