Are the present Nagas prepared and willing to accept a political solution to the Indo-Naga conflict? Why?



Some of those who voted YES had this to say: 

•    Yes. It has been a long wait and the people yearned for peace. the Naga leadership are matured and understand the peoples aspirations plus the present Indian government has absolute majority in the lower house and tremendous influence even in the upper house so if things are to happen it is the right time

•    Yes. Tired of conflict want to see better future for the generation in all field. Those civil societies Naga Hoho, NTC, CNTC, ENPO and so on selfishly restarted don't have any scope for the future. (Voice of a youth)

•    Yes. That will open the door of development in Nagaland.

•    Yes. Right Time. 

•    Yes. Right situation.

•    Yes. Some of the groups seem to be prepared for a solution.

•    Yes. Solution is must. Only after this round of solution the true Naga nationalist will emerge and advocate for the people.

•    Yes I prefer a solution. I am fed up of the paper wars between groups and I am tired of some people trying to claim that they are more Naga than other Nagas. What have we come to? India must be laughing away at us. 

•    Yes. Want integration. 

•    Yes. Civil war imminent, if no solution.

•    Yes. Nagas are divided, hence anticipates.

•    Yes. Best leadership so far.

•    Yes. Best option.

•    Yes. They have no other option.

•    Yes. Yeah I do support based on current circumstances. I know the solution will not be accepted by all and another Entity will rise up military or political ways to achieve the aim of total sovereignty but let this be benchmark in the history of the conflict. Roller coaster of Peace n War n we have enjoyed Peace n Stability for now n war or conflict now at this crucial juncture with the various numerous factions n isms will Led to more bloodshed n disunity which will be worse than before. So now let it be or regret!

•    Yes. Because one cannot stay in his/her relative place forever...we have our own permanent home to stay.


Some of those who voted NO had this to say: 

•    No. I recall Indo-Naga interlocutor once said, "We (Indian government) are ready but there's no landing place.” Often I look or blame the Indian government but we Nagas got to fix up our kitchen first; having said that both the leaders and public have fair share of responsibility to see our destined Hopes.

•    No. When we have not less than 10 NPGs, how can we say we are ready for solution.

•    No way. Come one we don’t even know what the NPGs are negotiating on our behalf. Even if Sovereignty and Integration are not possible now, they should keep it open for future generations to achieve.

•    No. At first the content of this political solution need to be shared and discussed among the masses. For more than two decades plus more decades negotiations and talks are held between the Government of India (GoI) & the Nagas, but the common public is not much aware of its contents and its leader’s motives. To accept apolitical solution, it needs the mandate of all the Nagas. The solution for the Nagas should have a clear vision, a far sighted one which will heralds peace, prosperity and all round development.

•    No. Without sovereignty, this would be a betrayal.

•    No. Democracy is of, for and by the people. But both the GoI and NPGs seem to be giving attention only to tribal bodies. The reality is that the agreement will affect the common people the most. When common people are kept in the dark don’t expect them to accept it.

•    No. Solution should be only for Nagaland.

•    No. Not prepared... educate and develop our Naga nation first after that none can stop us.

•    No. There are no visionary leaders among the present lot of NPGs.

•    No. State should be given more autonomy.

•    No, we do not know what are the pre-conditions, if it is bull-dozed liked jammu and kashmir what will be our fate? those living in the area are the true stake-holder and as of now we are blind to what will happen to us.

•    No. Seeking for Individual welfare rather than the community is bound to happen. Many of our elected leaders only seem to be interested in amassing wealth, land and position for themselves. Again our own Naga people always elect the same kind of leaders, so i as a young future concerned Naga feel that, we as a people are not ready for a final conclusion, even then we can together reach at a common understanding to look at each other as equal.


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say: 

•    It seems like both India and Nagas are going to miss the best opportunity to resolve the Naga issue. No doubt Nagas are going through a horrid time of confusion and division which India has duly taken advantage of by tilting the solution even more to their favor. But this shows that the short term gains will not last. I think India has miscalculated.

•    When you are not aware of the contents of the agreement how can you expect people to be prepared and willing to accept the solution?

•    Wanting a political agreement is different from being prepared for a solution. I want a political solution but I am not prepared for it.

•    Our words and actions contradict each other. We say that we want independence, whereas in reality we're becoming more and more dependent on others for survival. And it's impossible to get 7, 8 different sovereignty. 

•    No Nagas, except the IM who happens to say, to be representative of all Nagas know what is being talked about. I don't think at this point, if one does not know the subject (What is the solution?). Then any kind of agreement or settlement will only create more conflicts and tension.

•    Yes, if all factions and Nagas cutting across artificial boundary unite. No, as long as corruption and tribalism factionalism exist. Unfortunately, today Nagas are too lazy, gluttony, and materialistic. Besides, we have low moral, ideology, principles and characters. Indeed, it is our eternal aspiration for sovereignty but seeing the present reality, it’s too pessimistic.