Are schools in Nagaland ready to reopen safely with social distancing? Why?

Yes: 13

•    Because we cannot always ignore the problem, we must learn to face.

No: 67

•    It is not advisable to reopen school at any point of time now even if with a proper Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Children are vulnerable, parents cannot take risk to any extent Board should sit n brain storm, it is going to go for longer months or more years also this pandemic situation, and children will not maintain social distance.

•    With compact students in a classroom, it will be difficult to resume classroom classes at present moment. Alternate way is to follow a roster by reducing the number of students to one-third or one-fourth.

•    The simple reason is that many schools do not have sufficient space for social distancing be it in the class room size to student ratio or some even doesn't have sufficient compound. Plus they are kids and hard to control, when even adults/ their parents fail to understand the very meaning of social distancing.

•    We believe education is the necessity but on the other hand it risking one's own life and one can’t predict who has the virus and I believe  once the schools and colleges reopens the cases will be rated higher than ever before and to which it may lead to Community Spread.

•    Without containing the virus, it is a big 'NO'.

•    Because in simple we Naga will never obey the rules and safety  taking from children to parents n that is sure and after seeing the resources and conditions of our state, I am not ready to send my children's to school just to put them into risk.

•    No. Can't expect the student to maintain social distancing while most parents and educated cannot maintain proper SOP even in the market. Opening schools will be suicidal for Nagaland.

•    No. With 50 plus students in a jam packed classroom, social distancing is next to impossible.

•    No. The local spread is already taking place in our society so also the negligence of respect can be seen in every sphere. We still need to seminar effectively starting from that of Frontline workers to innocent public for health and hygiene as well as sense of responsibility.

•    When there are 10 to 100 people standing in queue for more than 30 minutes with no distance inside the bank throughout the day for all these months, what is the BIG difference here?

•    No. There are many students below 10 years old and very vulnerable to COVID-19. How do you expect little kids to maintain social distancing when in reality the adults can't adhere to?

•    No. Though we keep social distancing, how safe is it for the students? Every school has no fewer students. It is very likely to spread the disastrous virus. Lives matter more than Education at the time of this.

•    No... Maintaining social distance at the same time taking class will have to be in the auditorium if that goes well we will see after the end of the class students will assemble in groups... not possible... in my opinion send PDFs and let them do self study in case of doubts call or text respective teachers else community level infection.

•    No, kids aren't that careful, there will always be those kids who'd still touch everything and lean on every walls, and in the school hours they would definitely play with their peers so that's impossible.

•    In some government schools there are 80 to 90 plus students per class with 5 to 6 students in a bench. Will it be possible to maintain social distancing?? I think careful assessment should be taken basing on all corners before opening.

•    Knowing the condition of our state the best option for us is to continue with the lockdown taking the risk of opening schools and social organizations will be our doomsday.

•    Until and unless the students-teachers ratio is maintained inside the standard classroom size, as per the Government rule it's impossible. I will not comment on other districts and town but most of the school in Kohima town are crowded, with 4 students in a bench and minimum 50+ plus students it's impossible ... If at all it is to operate, the classes should be on rotation/ roster basis for example class 9 and 10 on Monday, distribute the students according to subject. If there are 6 subjects and 60 students divide according i.e. 10 per group, when one group is taking mathematics another group can take up English and all. In that way social distancing can be maintained and entire building can be occupied too. Pressure will be high on teachers thought.

•    No, before the vaccine is launch, opening of school is very high risk, why because even the parents who're aware of everything failed to maintain social distance than it will be much difficult for the students to maintain it. So better to stay in lockdown till the vaccine is launch.

•    Our children are precious gems and our only hope. Their life is more than education or anything else.

•    No. Schools/colleges couldn't keep social distancing so it’s unsecure at all to reopen.

•    If there is 'zero' new confirm cases for at least a week then containment of those infected is somehow assured. Hence, only in such circumstances re-opening of schools normally can be considered provided with latest SOP strictly followed. So, it's definitely 'no' as of present setbacks.

•    Once open then it's a time bomb, experts are predicting that the peak hour in Nagaland will be in the month of November and December. Mind my words and be prepared.

•    I think it may be difficult for school children to maintain SOP.

• All these months, if hundreds of young and old people can stand in rushing queues for at least 45 minutes and continues throughout the office hours in the Banks and later all goes back home, What will be the BIG difference here with the Schools and Colleges?

• Drastic measures needed for social distancing in schools. One of the most difficult place to maintain social distancing.

• How can we expect children to maintain SOPs until vaccine is developed, no school. Even if schools open, I will not send my kids to school. For this year, Schools may only conduct promotion exams with strict SOPs class-wise. That's all possible for this academic year

• No. As far as the current situation is concerned, physical distancing is a must and if the schools reopened this SOP is a must for the safety of all. Now, in a classroom say there are 50 students. All the 50 students cannot sit in a one room as this is a direct violation of the SOP which is very much necessary to break the chain of the pandemic. Let's look from another angle as well: okay so the schools decided to reopened with strict adherence to the SOPs. Now that particular class which has around 50 students will be divided in different rooms and the teachers will take the class as mentioned in the SOP. This is a very difficult task on the part of a teacher because a teacher is usually assigned to take 2-3 classes at the minimum and in Higher Secondary Schools a class is divided into many sections consisting of 40-50 students! Then how are they going to manage all these? This is totally impossible! In Section A of a class there are 50 students now according to the Government procedure not more than 10 or 20 should sit in a classroom for the safety of all, so are the teachers going to take care only for the section- A students or even for the students in other sections and other classes! Please give a serious thought on the reopening of educational institutions. This is an unprecedented pandemic and so this is nobody's fault. In the right time when the situation becomes favourable let the institutions reopen without imposing any SOP. But for now the Govt of Nagaland should focus only in improving the internet connectivity for the better accessibility to online classes.

•    Many old age parents and grandparents will die due to reopening of schools. It's hard even surviving as it is. With the Worst COVID facilities compared to all the others states in India, Empty Oxygen Cylinders in the Hospitals. Imagine the rise of COVID patients. Hospitals won’t have enough beds to except all patients. Public has very much doubts on how the Nagaland government is tackling COVID. It is just wrong to decide to reopen schools like other major well equipped cities around India. The Nagas will suffer.

•    Since the positive case is increasing day by day, it is not safe for the students to go to schools. Even the schools buses and vehicles dropping/picking of students are mostly over packed. Health is more important. There are many parents who are frontline workers, also there are many frontline workers who are tested COVID +ve while on duty and are in COVID hospital/COVID care center so it's not possible for them to send their children to school.

•    No. Apart from that even the classrooms are too congested.


•    We can start the class for class 8 and above. We can follow even and odd system .There is always a way.

•    Should be started from class 10 onwards because they can follow the SOP.

•    I don't think the schools in Nagaland are ready to reopen safely with social distancing. Think about thousands of students coming to school? It will be might to enforce social distancing to crowded students.