Are you confident that all negotiating parties in the Indo-Naga talks will find a common ground towards finding an amicable and inclusive solution? Why?



Some of those who voted YES had this to say: 

•    Yes. The issue is very clear. The 1951 Naga Plebiscite is the common ground for any honourable solution. If this is honoured by all Naga sides, there should not be any confusion.

•    Yes. Only God knows.

•    Yes. Because every community has a name and we belong to a big Naga family.

•    Yes. Geopolitics & compulsion of globalisation.


Some of those who voted NO had this to say: 

•    No Self determination. And no one trusts the leaders.

•    No, because they are not approaching the issue from Naga national rights. The groups are talking only from their own factional position.

•    No. In the light of the current political scene in Nagaland, the negotiating parties are reeked with conflict of interests. For some, protraction of talks turns out to have lots of perks, while demands of some parties are just too ambitious. Major negotiating parties of Nagaland have time and again shown to shove aside larger National interest over their parochial and financial gains.

•    No. Generally tribals lack strong principle, ideology, morality and integrity where in Nagas fought the most. With reference to Naga nationalism something was is seriously wrong in it. Which unfortunately none of the leaders, intellects or church leaders etc so far could find way out. Having sensing this predicament, it’s quite pessimistic to conclude that it would never ever solve this bloody Naga issue/ business. N.B- Nagas are not mature enough to bring any form of social changes. If within this year nothing tangible solution for Naga nationalism is arrive, no more factionalism in the name of nationalism/ sovereignty. Enough is enough. Naga public should come to a sense to stop this nonsense freedom instead opt for development, advancement and progress of Nagaland.

•    No. All are doing time pass.

•    No, Nagas are plague with division, jealousy, distrust and hypocrisy. Too many so-called leaders but in fact just a bunch of uncivilized villagers unfit for the world. Pathetic and shameful. Sad that the younger people have to be in this turmoil because of the corrupted elders and leaders with know all attitudes. It is time the younger generations educate themselves in every possible means and try to keep up with the rest of the world. Stay Honest and In Truth Will Prevail Over Evils.

•    No. No Unity.

•    No, The solution will have to be forced upon the Nagas with all the lies and hypocrisies flying around

•    No. Nagas are divided

•    No. A house divided cannot stand

•    No. It’s difficult, there will be conflict of interests. And moreover GoI will never agree to the demands but would rather try to talk out of it which it has been doing regardless of which Political party is at the centre.

•    No. They will try to twist things and elaborate to buy more time

•    No. Even the NGOs and politicians can’t come under one we can expect both the others to come under common ground.

•    I don't think so, as we are well divided.

•    No. The biggest because is this… 1. Govt of India 2. NSCN IM 3. NNPG 4. Govt of Nagaland 5. Nagas of Nagaland 6. Nagas of Nagalim. Hence, its negotiation of 6 parties with different opinions and different goals. It’s a never ending process...!

•    No. Some could not think beyond the immediate economic packages.

•    No. There would be no breakthrough in talks and also ceasefire will be in vogue...

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say: 

•    This is the time when the role of FNR must be activated.

•    The Government of India is trying to force a solution that is against the interest of the Nagas. Unfortunately, since we Nagas are caught up in factional politics we have fallen into the trap of India. Now, we public cannot trust any Naga leader.

•    At this juncture we need a neutral group like FNR to bring about understanding among Nagas. It is very disappointing that all the tribe hohos, NTC, Naga Hoho and civil society groups have all taken sides with one group or another. This is making situation worse.

•    As long as we fall as easy preys to the divide and rule policy of India we will never have a meeting-point. As long as we hold on to the grudges that we have against each other we will have no common ground. There is so much hatred and no unity amongst us. And without unification there can be no integration. I personally feel that our Nationalism is more of a lackadaisical Nationalism not fought with fervour and dedication but fought with hatred, division, deceit, money and power. It has gone astray from its original track. It is no more for our rights and freedom, it's no more of integration and sovereignty but it is a game of thrones.

•    Dear brothers division among ourselves should be reconciled first. United Front is the only option.