Are you in favour of the Hornbill Festival 2020 being held either virtually or otherwise, amid the COVID-19 crisis? Give reasons

Some of those who voted YES had this to say:

•    Whether or not, COVD is spreading still according to Nagaland government health ministry. So what makes the difference? Even though we cancel the Hornbill festival, mega fair (mela) at Burma camp will be surely held because underground government is stronger than the elected government and ten comes Christmas shopping as if tomorrow comes like a filmy stuff of San Andreas or 2012.

•    Because I'm interested

Some of those who voted NO had this to say: 

•    Let’s not be stupid over a festival. Let’s be wise, stay safe, live long. 

•    It will lead to involvement of many people even through virtual mode, therefore big NO and not advisable.

•    During this pandemic it is time to cleanse and sanctify. 

•    Nagaland Government is only after money I'll say if they happen to host.

•    I'm not in favour of Hornbill festival and Government should not allow hosting Hornbill festival 2020 during this pandemic crisis. It will be stupid to agree with it. Nagaland is a small population and Government should not take risks to put everyone in danger. Yes we are bored staying home we want to go out and enjoy but during this pandemic it's not safe to Host this event. And even if government intend to host this event with COVID-19 protocol, Nagaland public will not follow and every Naga people knows about that and it's my humble request to Government of Nagaland not to host Hornbill festival event this year for the safety of our Naga people. Thank you

•    Even online classes are difficult to conduct why Hornbill festival, developing a child’s education is more important than hornbill festival. 

•    The Hornbill festival funds should rather be used for construction/repair of roads, pay pending salaries, etc. 

•    A Big Angry No! I am not in favor of our Nagaland Government, complacent attitude towards the security and well-being of Nagaland in the COVID-19 crisis. Can’t we all see we are not able to handle the crisis we are still struggling to repair the damage control! When, even the most technologically and medically advanced countries like Japan cancelled Tokyo Olympics 2020 because it is simply not right! Do we fail to see our situation? Reality be told, are we medically equipped as a state, No. Are we equipped with the workforce and competency to be handling it any further, NO. So many loopholes in our people and government response on handling the crisis and we want to go on a Hornbill 2020, Picnic!? Yes, I am critical of our government view on the Hornbill this year, but honestly if we go ahead with it, heavens forbid, we may have Horrors to be even handling a pandemic we are not equipped at. Can’t we see countries like the US, Japan and others failing in many fronts. At this time we need to hit the PANIC BUTTON and be prepared on a battlefront like situation, the Pandemic is not over yet! So PICNIC will come at a huge cost and we cannot afford the Bill yet!

•    When the government has declared as community transmission why are they taking foolish steps and they have been charging COVID cess on petrol and diesel, now where is the fund to organise this extravagant festival. Instead of upgrading medical facilities which are in pathetic condition comparing with other NE states. It's a shame that even our immediate neighbour has got a brand new medical college. 

•    All major events are also closed in the world because of COVID, so why take the risk now. Also second wave of COVID might come as the virus is more active/prefers cold and dry weather.

•    It’s a government employee entertainment with lots of modern day stuff noting to with the Nagas, the whole thing is dirty, dirty toilets, dirty prices, dirty food.

•    Where's the fun in a virtual world? Better to be hosted & held when things are normal and safer. Safety and precautions first!! After all, our lives matters. 

•    NO to both virtual and physical. There is more important serious things for the government to do than organise a festival. Can't our government live without this sham of a "festival"? Disgusting.

•    NO in this pandemic we aren’t support celebration instead we care for the safety of our life. I'm a mere student and i don't agree for it. Thank you.

•    Big No to stupidest decision of Rio Government. They should rather think about unemployment in the state. They are afraid to conduct job exams but more concerned for hornbill Festival. What a silly excuses

•    Life matter not enjoyment

•    Should not be held. Our life is more important than hornbill festival. Govt should think about once again.

•    No, not this time...make next one better

•    No let’s live and enjoy it once we can overcome COVID! Why kill our minority?

•    Big No, life is more important than festival

•    The Government can earn some amount through this festival but there are more serious things to deal with and they cannot effort when it spread. So its a big NO from me.

•    A big "no" for 2020, if government cares. Atleast for a year, concentrate and construct for a better quality road even to the most interior districts.

•    No... We will be happier if the Government invest Hornbill’s festival budget for our healthcare, testing cost more than thousand even in Government Hospital.

•    I think there was no question before even to NGO's to celebrate hornbill but why suddenly, either they are reprogramming because of economy or attempting people’s lives to suffer more. Sorry, sorry, sorry it’s a big no. Don't do it we are inviting suffering by ourselves.

•    No. It's a suicide mission.

•    It will be "Horona Bill"

•    I am totally against in any format

•    This government knows that it's their last turn to hold this kind of big event... Congress will be back so they are in hurry.

•    Who would in their rightful mind think of such dangerous steps now, Festival are not that important than human life's, A big NO.

•    The Government of Nagaland is a joke, people all over the world is stuck with the pandemic and other governments around the world are trying to minimize social gatherings, Nagaland govt seems to enjoy hornbill festival, which could definitely lead to more severe COVID cases. The Nagaland govt should think not just randomly declare the festival, festivals such hornbill, puja, And other Christian festivals will come and go but this pandemic is happening for real so it should be avoided at any cost

•    Let's wait n watch the choice of our CM

Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say: 

•    Virtually

•    Should not be held in this pandemic at all, we cannot earn revenue at the cost of our lives.

•    Is this even a question?