Are you positive about the state of affairs in Nagaland as it enters into a New Year? Give Reasons

•    It should get better
•    yes, it will be as it is…

•    Due to tribalism
•    No no....unless there is a new genuine concerning government... Never
•    Corruption in every corner of Nagaland states
•    A fragmented society cannot bring about positive changes. For every good idea, work achievements there will be enough detractors to bring it down.

•    This may go off topic but a good example for this weekly poll question. Recently a topic "genealogy of Jesus Christ" was written by a particular women, a theological women. About this topic women and girls of modern age put feminist and feminism teachings here and there even in theology, what i am trying to imply is that if women and girls of modern day put feminist and feminism teachings everywhere ,then there will be no progress of the society, in this poll I don't see in apolitical way, tribal way or a community way, but a gender agenda everywhere. The problem with modern female younger gospel theologians is to put gender agenda everywhere. In this new year eve females of younger generations should not put gender agenda everywhere. Infact, patriarchy existed from time immemorial, and will be dominant than matriarchy. If females in modern generation thinks that patriarchy should be less favoured or abolished that, instead of "our father in heaven" should be change to "our mother in heaven", lso "The son of god to daughter of god". I am afraid that instead of theological teachings ,modern female theologians are radicalizing in the name of gender.