Are you satisfied with the Health department’s method in addressing malaria and typhoid?

Those who said NO had this to say:

•     When people are still dying of malaria and typhoid how can we say that the health department is doing enough.

•     No, No, the Health department has been far from satisfactory. People should use the RTI Act to make the department and the officers accountable for the sorry state of affairs. The RTI is the only way out now to check the department.

•     No, not sufficient is being done by the Health Department to combat Malaria and Typhoid. There are so many cases in the interior areas where many children have died from these diseases. If only the Health Department had concern and used the funds in an appropriate way, the children could have got the basic health services. Any one that goes to the interior areas will see how health care is neglected.

•     The health department is at its lowest now. Those in the policy making care only for their pockets while many children are dying in Mon and Tuensang areas. The health care is non existent in those areas. Such negligence on the part of the department is a crime and they should be investigated.

•     They can’t help their own families and.....

•     The health department is the most important department, but regrettably it is the most miserable and disorganized department.

•     In a globalised economy where cost and efficiency are taken as a new watch word, there is  need to cut down the expenditure as the tax payers money is going waste and there is deficit in government exchequer. Inflation is another reason why the government needs to review the allocation policy of benefits to government servants so that the state government does not go bankrupt.

•     The government should take strong action against erring officers and medical supervisors who are not doing their duty well.