Are You Scorpio, Gemini or Taurus?

“What sign are you?”

“Like in road signs? Halt and go? Stop and Proceed? Maximum speed 15 Kmph? Curve ahead? Do not overtake?”

“No, no. Star sign? Like Scorpio, Gemini? Taurus?”

“What does Scorpio say?”

“Determined, dark and dashing!”

“Yeah that’s me.”

“You’re Scorpio?”

“No, determined, dark, dashing and a dreamer.”

“You can’t be a dreamer.”

“But I am.”

“Scorpios are not dreamers!”

“I’m not a Scorpio.”

“Then you can’t be determined.”


“Nor, dark and dashing!”


“What star sign are you?”


“I’d like to know the kind of person you are.”

“From my star sign?”


“You’ll know all about me?”


“What’s Gemini?”

“Sexy, suave and scary.”

“Yeah that’s me.”

“You’re Gemini?”

“No sexy, suave and I don’t know about scary. Am I scary?”

“Are you Gemini?”


“Then you’re not scary.”

“Thank God.”

“Nor are you sexy and suave.”

“So what am I?”

“What star sign are you?”

“Does it matter?”

“How else will I know more about you?”

“What sign are you?”

“Sagittarius. That’s cool, composed and cocky.”

“You’re not any of that.”

“The book says so.”

“What book?”

“Star signs. Sun signs. What’s wrong with you?”

“You’re not very cool, or composed at the moment!”

“What sign are you damn it?”

“God’s sign!”

“What does that mean?”
“That I’m unique. That I’ve got God’s Signature on me saying there is no one else in the world made like me. No one else with my temperament, my qualities, my personality, my character. There’s no other person in this whole wide world! That He has created me unique to be a sign of his divine power!”


“Yes wow! You and I are God’s Signs, it’s stamped all over us…!
Robert Clements is a newspaper columnist and author. He blogs at and can be reached at