Are young Nagas willing and ready to redefine and rethink how we look, understand and present ourselves? Why?



Some of those who voted YES had this to say: 

•    Yes. The reason is simple. The old has to go. The time has come for chance, both structural and institutional.
•    Yes. Because we're far behind others.

•    Yes. Because, we are Nagas and we are supposed to be better.

•    Yes. Young Nagas are ready for a paradigm shift in every aspect of administration and innovative outlook but the senior leaders are not ready to give their position for the same.

•    Yes. Young Nagas must redefine and rethink how to present ourselves. We have a bunch of people who keep defining Nagas in a very small and narrow way. This kind of thinking must be rejected.

•    Yes. I'm Naga from Nagaland and I'm right to know my history.

•    Yes. Times have changed.

•    Yes. Because I talk about plants they are too much important in life because without plants we cannot live on earth.


Some of those who voted NO had this to say: 

•    No. They're content playing mobile games and aping Koreans and the West.

•    No. Many of us still are stuck to the old mindset and want to see ourselves as hapless victims. This victim mentality does not allow us to move forward.

•    No, because our ancestors are more important and we should stick by our original custom, i.e. being a real Naga tribal. Modern world is too complicated for simple mind like us. Let’s call spade a spade and start working with it. No use of America or Europe and to hell with the Japanese and Korean culture. Stay true as the son of the soil and God will reimburses your soul with heaven where we all will walk in golden 4way land. Praise be to all... Hell or high waters.

•    No, because a miniscule numbers should not be a legitimate representation of the bigger picture. I personally think the majority of our Naga youths are not as willing yet to unlearn and deconstruct the realities with which they are living in today. Lack of exposure to the opportunities the outside world has to offer has been a major setback that cloistered us into our limited spaces of mediocrity. Our education system failed on my counts; fixated to obsolete mark scoring pedagogy.

•    No. Too stubborn and they think from their clan perspective.

•    No, because of the herd mentality among Nagas it is very easy to mislead the people. Some pseudo-intellectuals and leaders who have never done anything for the people have catapulted themselves in questionable organisations are manipulating Naga history for their own selfish interest. Such thinking will only take the people backwards.

•    No. Naga youth are drunk in money as presently most of the youth leaders animated from rich background. The hidden talent of our youth lies with the socially, economically weaker group as they have tasted the truth that our society provide today but they are voiceless. Naga youth had to go miles ahead before...

•    No. Definitely there is a mismatch of well informed mind and educated men. We call our self educated but down the line there is no sense of understanding the gravity of socio - economic issues. priorities of egoistic, intolerance and corruption are our bucket list and there seems to be hardly ignorance towards the real agenda - development and embrace the beauty of humanity


Some of those who voted OTHERS had this to say: 

•    Young Nagas seem so disconnected with the ground reality. Most of them think as if Dimapur and Kohima is Nagaland. They fail to see that majority of Nagas live outside Dimapur and Kohima.