Assam’s Bill on ‘magical healing’ is a double error: CBCC

Pfutsero, March 4 (MExN): The Chakhesang Baptist Church Council (CBCC) today stated that the recent Bill the passed by the Government of Assam banning “magical healing” (Assam Healing (Prevention of Evil) Practices Bill, 2024) is a “double error.”

“First, it is wrong for a Government to ban a religious practice in a secular country; and second, there’s nothing such as ‘magical healing' in Christianity, it is divine healing or supernatural intervention,” the Council said. 

“Healing is the work of God, not the work of Christians. So, when divine healing takes place, Christians cannot be held responsible,” it asserted. 

The CBCC further argued that Christians never engage in forced conversion either but God’s power is manifested on believers, adding: “Christians are only the messengers and facilitators of God’s miraculous power.”

“It is an obligation for every Christian to declare the love of God and the message of salvation in words and deeds which should not be taken as coercion,” it stated. 

“Christians are not perfect beings but no one intentionally commits crime against any religion; they’re only falsely accused and persecuted just because they belong to a minority group,” it added.
In this connection, the CBCC also lauded the Nagaland Government of the day and legislators for taking up the issue of “Magical Healing” in its recently concluded Assembly session.

Perhaps, in a first, they boldly advocated freedom of religion and Christian mission of love, peace, and healing of the nation from hatred and bigotry, it noted. 

In doing so, neither the Nagaland Government nor the individual Legislators have violated the Constitution of India, the CBCC maintained. 

“Instead, the violated Constitution of India has been rejuvenated. It was constitutionally right to act according to the Constitution. It was also right for every Christian to defend his or her faith both in the Church and in the State,” it added. 

The Council also noted that every religion is distinct in its belief systems and practices and no religion is born to create chaos and division but it is only “deviated religious fanatics who breed communal conflict.”

All religions are founded on moral good, charity, and brotherhood/sisterhood. Above moral values, Christianity advocates its belief in the uniqueness of Christ, the Truth and the Way to our eternal destiny, it added. 

Accordingly, every Christian mission is geared towards a better life here on earth and the hope of eternal life beyond this world which must be shared with all by all, the CBCC said. 

Therefore, religious tolerance, social harmony, and peaceful coexistence must be inculcated in every State of the secular country if it is to remain a great nation, it added, 

However, the CBCC expressed concerns that while India is hailed for being a secular country where freedom of religion is one of the core elements in the Constitution, religious “subjugation and persecution persists unbated over the years right under the nose of the Government of the day and law keepers.”