ATMA farm school launched at Akuluto block

Dimapur, May 10 (MExN): Farm School under Akuluto Block was launched at Ghasulapa of Sasutami Village by Avitoli, Deputy Project Director ATMA Zunheboto where 34 farm students from three villages i.e. Sasutami, Ajiqami and Izheto.
Sub Divisional Agriculture Officer & ATMA BTT convener, Akuluto Atoi Sema in a press release said that speaking on the concept of Farm School Avitoli emphasized on how ATMA farm School can intervene in building human resources development by way of providing the need based trainings and logistic support to the farm students and conducting the front line demonstration during the crop seasons as per the requirement of the farmers. For this a farm school would need a Farm Teacher and the farm students for successful implementation.
While explaining the policy and implementation of ATMA, Atoi Sema said that with ever increasing population to feed from the fixed agricultural land, the need of the hour is to increase the productivity of food over the given unit of land. This is where use of various agricultural technologies needs to be employed and the ATMA is there to transfer those scientifically proven technologies to the farmers through farm Schools. Diversification of crop is another option where group of farmers can adopt certain crop  of common interest for commercial scale production basing on suitability of  agro climate and for which he urge upon the like minded farmers to form the FIG/ CIG and come forward for ATMA intervention.
During the interaction hour various problems and success stories were presented by the farm students for discussion. It was decided that Litchi, which is found to be doing extremely well in the area will be taken up for diversification for which ATMA is requested to provide necessary support. The participants also unanimously decided to elect Tokiho GB of Sasutami as farm Teacher for the ongoing season on whose farm the farm school was conducted.