Backyard poultry rearing introduction

Backyard poultry rearing for the people of Nagaland is not a new thing and since the days of yore, this has been a practice and a part of our life, culture and tradition. Not only for food, but livestock and birds has been very deeply associated with our cultural practices and ethos. Unfortunately all these birds were of local nondescript country chicken and the management was practically left to nature and they survived on scavenging with low economic potentials and were unviable for commercial rearing in large scale. 

With the change of time and advancement of science and Technology, Scientists has developed new and improved breeds of birds, which according to the needs and liking of the people / farmers, can rear and produce more meat, eggs etc. in a shorter period of time. Despite the fact that animal rearing has been a part of our culture, the population of most of our original livestock and birds has dwindled to such extend that it will not be surprising if some of them are on the verge of extinction or already extinct. New exotic breeds, cross breeds and upgraded ones has occupied our farms, fields and backyards which keeps more and better economic returns. But the introduction of these economically viable birds has its own demerits; they need better management practice and care, quality feedings, scientific breeding principles and disease management etc. Unless these principles are followed or maintained diligently, its is very difficult and becomes near impossible to rear as desired. 

The North East region is known as the “Paradise of parasites “and that indicates the severity or the seriousness of the nature so far as livestock and poultry rearing is concerned. The term “Poultry” includes Fowls (chicken), Ducks, Geese, Turkeys, Guinea Fowls, Pigeons and Quails etc. But it is more often used for fowls or Chicken and so it is here too. Rearing Fowls for eggs, meat, poultry breeding and hatcheries are the common poultry enterprises and other allied activities are egg and meat processing, egg and meat marketing, processing and sale of feeds, poultry equipments etc. 

Of late, poultry farming in our State has become popular even in the urban areas and some of the favourable factors leading to the growth of poultry farming are small initial investments, quick return, requirement of small area, and use of various agro-by products unfit for human consumption and kitchen waste as feeds. Besides, it is easy to looked after by both young and old as well as children and women folks which in fact will empower them. Backyard poultry farming requires hardly any infrastructure unlike other livestock, yet it is a potent tool for the uplift of rural economy. Besides income generation, rural backyard poultry will provide much needed nutritional supplements in the form of high quality animal protein and other essential nutrients.

Chubalepzük, DPRO Mokokchung, A DIPR feature
(Source- Deptt. of Vety & A H, Nagaland)