Bajaj fraud case: charges refuted

Dimapur, January 29 (MExN): A person charged of fraud in life insurance dealing under Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Ltd today refuted allegations leveled against her by a number of clients. The person, Lolano John of M/s Lolaz Enterprise, Dimapur, issued a statement today explaining her side of the story and also informed of an FIR with the East Police Station against one Priyanka Parasher, Manager.
An interesting aspect of the issue was that the company had claimed Lolano John was not an authorized agent but the same company has been accepting all the premiums deposited by her.  
Lolano John said she was appointed as a franchisee by Bajaj Allianz Insurance Co. Ltd and was authorized as a franchisee to facilitate insurance policy of the company with License No .4752086842 valid till August 28, 2008. Thereafter, the Chief Divisional Manager of the company notified on January 22, 2009 that Lolano was welcomed as a Franchisee in Dimapur in Corporate Model of Alternate Channel with business opus code 2300000276. “As such the allegation that the undersigned have been or is operating/representing the Bajaj Allianz Insurance Co.Ltd is wholly concocted. And therefore the allegation that the undersigned have acted unauthorized is baseless,” she said.
Lolano also said to examine the various deposit slips and the bank statements, that show that she has deposited the premiums till date and have done its best to facilitate the policy holders of the said company.  
“It may also be mentioned herein that if the undersigned is not an authorized agent as claimed/alleged by the Bajaj Allianz Insurance Co.Ltd, why the company have been accepting the premium deposited by the undersigned till date in the account of the company. The Bajaj Allianz Insurance Company Ltd is duty bound to clarify as to where the deposited money is as is proved by the bank statements and the deposit slips lying before the investigating agency.”
The statement further said that Lolano, since authorization, has been facilitating the business of the Bajaj Allianz Insurance Co.Ltd. However, she said, when the policy holder desires to close the policy by surrendering the same, Bajaj Allianz Insurance Co.Ltd have been on one pretext  or the other avoiding the  refund of the  investment and shifting the blame on her.
“Such related issues, by way of civil suit, is also pending before the honorable court of Civil Judge (Senior division) Dimapur. The Bajaj Allianz Insurance Co.Ltd is merely attempting to dupe the policy holder by shifting the burden on the undersigned after utilizing the service of the undersigned. The burden if any, the Bajaj Allianz Insurance Co.Ltd is vicariously liable for the same as the undersigned have merely acted as an agent on the strength of the license,” she stated.   
Lolano has lodged an FIR against an employee of the company, one Priyanka Parasher, Manager Guwahati office, who is stated to be absconding. “It may also be mentioned herein that the matter is pending investigation and all the relevant documents viz bank statements, deposit slips, License etc are lying with the investigating agency.  That the above facts may be verified from the East PS Dimapur as well as from the honorable court. The undersigned is ready to co-operate and shall do all possible to clarify the same,” she added.