Biden-era migrant crisis 'spoiling' budgets of liberal, sanctuary cities: Report

IANS Photo

New York, September 19 (IANS) US sanctuary cities are facing heavy financial burdens as the costs to care for new migrants continue to rise, the media reported.

"Chicago's announcement this week that the Windy City is facing a 538 million US dollars budget deficit, with a significant part of that attributable to its ongoing migrant crisis, marks the latest instance of a 'sanctuary' city paying a heavy financial cost for migrant arrivals," reported Fox News on Sunday.

The sanctuary cities are obliged by law to accommodate new migrants.

New York City, also a sanctuary city, which means that it bars local and state law enforcement cooperation with federal immigration enforcement, has also faced significant financial issues. Mayor Eric Adams has warned recently that the crisis of over 110,000 migrant arrivals in the last year threatens to "destroy" his city, Xinhua news agency reported quoting Fox News.

On the financial impact of the crisis, he warned New Yorkers that it could mean cuts to services and could cost 12 billion US dollars by 2025.

"We are about to experience a financial ... tsunami that I don't think the city has ever experienced," Adams has said. "Every service in this city is going to be impacted."