BJP implementing UCC to win elections, says PC

IANS Photo

IANS Photo

New Delhi, June 28 (IANS): A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi pitched for Uniform Civil Code (UCC), senior Congress leader P. Chidambaram on Wednesday hit back saying that the nation stands divided today owing to the words and deeds of the BJP, which has "failed" to provide good governance, and is implementing the UCC to polarise the electorate to win elections.

Launching a scathing attack on Prime Minister Modi,  the former Home Minister said, "The PM has equated a nation to a family while pitching for the Uniform Civil Code (UCC). While in an abstract sense his comparison may appear true, the reality is very different."

He said that a family is knit together by blood relationships.  "A nation is brought together by a Constitution which is a political-legal document. Even in a family there is diversity. The Constitution of India recognised diversity and plurality among the people of India. A UCC is an aspiration. It cannot be forced on the people by an agenda-driven majoritarian government."

Taking a swipe at the Prime Minister, the Congress leader said that the PM is making it appear that UCC is a simple exercise. He should read the report of the last Law Commission that pointed out it was not feasible at this time. "The nation is divided today owing to the words and deeds of the BJP. A UCC imposed on the people will only widen the divisions."

"The PM's strong pitch for the UCC is intended to divert attention from inflation, unemployment, hate crimes, discrimination and denying States' rights. The people must be vigilant. Having failed in good governance, the BJP is deploying the UCC to polarise the electorate and attempt to win the next elections," Chidambaram alleged.

His remarks came a day after Modi addressing BJP booth workers in Madhya Pradesh said that Muslims were being misled in the name of UCC. “These days, people are being provoked by the UCC. You tell me, if there is one law for one person in a home, and another law for another person, can that house function?” he asked.