BJP to keep attacking INDIA bloc on Sanatan Dharma issue, corruption

New Delhi, December 9 (IANS): Even though the BJP got a massive mandate in the recently held Assembly elections in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh, the party has decided that that it will continue to attack the INDIA bloc on the Sanatan Dharma issue, graft, etc, in view of the forthcoming Lok Sabha polls in 2024.

The BJP wrested power from the Congress in Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, while it was successful in saving its government in Madhya Pradesh.

Though the BJP may not have got the kind of victory in Telangana that its leaders had been claiming, but the party’s strength in the South Indian state Assembly has increased and its vote percentage has also gone up.

The victory in these three states, before the Lok Sabha elections to be held after a few months, is very important for the BJP because in those states the BJP had a direct contest with the Congress which the grand old party lost.

Forget about the BJP, even parties in the INDIA bloc are taking a dig at the Congress over its defeat in the Assembly elections. However, despite this, the BJP is not ready to take any risk and will continue targeting the Opposition alliance.

The BJP's strategy is clear, that whether there is unity in the INDIA bloc or not, but the entire Opposition alliance will be in the crosshairs of the BJP – right from top level leaders to party workers. The BJP will continue to address the alliance as 'INDI Alliance' and 'Ghamandia Alliance'.

The BJP has given an indication to its cadre as well that even if the party has won the Assembly elections in a spectacular manner, the party will leave no stone unturned in attacking the INDIA bloc.

The BJP will continue to corner the Opposition alliance on the issues of Sanatan, Ram Mandir, national security and corruption, and the party will especially target the Congress which is its biggest opponent on the national level.

Therefore, when the DMK MP S Senthilkumar gave a controversial statement in the Lok Sabha, the BJP asked questions to the Congress and the Gandhi family.

The victory in the Assembly elections was termed as the defeat of Sanatan opponents. Accusing the Congress of postponing, stalling and diverting the Ram temple being built in Ayodhya, the BJP will continue to echo this issue in its forthcoming rallies ahead of the Lok Sabha polls, like it did in the Assembly elections.

Making Telangana Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy's ‘DNA’ statement a big issue, BJP will also remind people of the statement given by Rahul Gandhi after losing Amethi and will also allege that the Congress is trying to divide the country into North India and South India.

Leading the attack on many Opposition parties, including Rahul Gandhi over the caste census and OBC reservation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said that in this election (recently-concluded Assembly elections) a lot of efforts were made to divide the country into castes but he kept saying that for him, the biggest castes are the poor, youth, women and farmers and only the uplift of these four castes will make India a developed country.

Raising questions on the unity and policy of the Opposition alliance, Modi also said that no matter how good a photo is clicked of a few family members coming together on stage, the trust of the country is not won; the hearts of the people of the country are not won. To win, one must have the passion to serve the nation. That is not visible in the 'Ghamandia Alliance'.

The BJP will also continue to raise questions on the Gandhi family, the Congress and other parties in the Opposition alliance on the issue of corruption.