Blast at garage critically injure two

DIMAPUR, JANUARY 14 (MExN): A freak accident at a garage critically injured two persons in Dimapur on Friday, January 14. The mishap occurred at a vehicle repair workshop located near the DDSC Stadium at Ghorapatti. The injured were identified as one Sonu Alam and the other only as Rajiv, both in their early twenties. The former is said to be a welder while the latter a helper.    
According to eyewitness accounts, an explosion occurred when the two were doing some welding work on the top of the container an oil-tanker. The tanker was empty of its content at the time of the explosion.
The explosion is suspected to have resulted from the electrical charges of the welding equipment, when it came into contact with the volatile petroleum gas still trapped inside the sealed empty oil-container. An electrical short-circuit is believed to have ignited the gas in the container. The powerful blast ripped off the iron lid of the sealed tanker, while simultaneously tossing the two workers off of it.
They were rushed to the hospital with serious burns to the upper body and fractured bones. Alam suffered superficial burns to the face and a broken leg and was admitted into Zion Hospital & Research Centre. His helper, identified as Rajiv, was admitted at the district hospital. He also suffered serious burns to the upper body and a broken arm and leg. He is also suspected to have suffered internal injuries to the chest.
An associate of the injured said that Rajiv has been working in the said garage for a few months only and had come from somewhere in Manipur. He has no known relatives in Dimapur.