‘Bodyguard’ shatters Shah Rukh’s overseas record!

The King of overseas Shah Rukh Khan now has reason to worry for ‘Bodyguard’s stupendous success has rocked his throne real hard. The craze of SRK’s diehard fans overseas can challenge any of the A-list Hollywood star, but Salman’s ‘Bodyguard’ has come as a big blow to the hero’s monopoly and unconditional adoration that SRK enjoys internationally. Even as the collection of Salman Khan starrer `Bodyguard` has left mouths wide open, film has surpassed the record of Shah Rukh Khan in the overseas market.
As per box-office reports, Salman has broken his archenemy Shah Rukh’s overseas record by minting 194,000 pounds with his latest outing ‘Bodyguard’, on its opening day in UK, and this is apparently 3000 pounds more than what SRK’s ‘My Name Is Khan’ had grossed on its release day in UK. Reportedly, SRK’s “my name Is Khan’ collected 191,000 pounds on its first day in UK. ‘Bodyguard’ is also on its way to becoming the highest grosser in the Middle East. It has collected $1.6 million in the first two days, just a little behind the previous highest grosser ‘Dabangg’ which collected $1.7 million.
With the Salman-starrer entertainer fetching such a mind-blowing box-office collections abroad, King Khan, who till date ruled the international market, has apparently descended to the second slot. Meanwhile, Salman’s much talked nerve surgery was a success in US, but his health continues to be a subject of worry. The star said that while he was being operated, the doctors detected an aneurysm, so he might have to be back for another procedure around January in the States.