Britons prefer Princess Diana chat

Britons would rather chat with Princess Diana - were she still alive - than Duchess Catherine if they had the chance. A new poll showed that more people would prefer to speak with Diana - who tragically died in a car accident in Paris in 1997 - were she alive, than the Duchess, who married her son, Prince William, in April this year at London's Westminster Abbey.
While Diana - who was dubbed the Princess of Hearts in the British tabloid press after her divorce from the Prince of Wales - took 13 per cent of votes cast in the poll by internet telecoms company Skype, Catherine only took four per cent of votes.
Both of the royal figures were beaten in to the top spot, however, by pundit and author Stephen Fry.
Upon being told he was the person the people of Britain would most like to have a phone conversation with, Stephen told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "Well good heavens. I'm completely overcome. I shall have to make sure my Skype manners are absolutely up to the mark. No more video Skyping in my pyjamas or while eating. I'm honoured to be in such august company."