Burying death body: a folk tale

RK Luke

This is an interesting head hunter story on burying dead body under their house and adjoining place. 
What let them to bury in this way?

In the olden days the village people use to bury death body outside their village. Once it happened that some village wizards use to capture this spirit from the grave. These spirits were captured to weaken the village warrior for conquering their land. It’s done by accident, diseases and so on. After this, they use to attack the village. What happened is that some captured spirit fled from the clutches of their master and started to wander for shelter by hiding under cave, corpse, animal, insect, tree, beehive, and so on. But they were constantly hunted by some other spirit to recapture them by their master. Finally the fleeing spirit decided to take shelter in a village. They stayed by taking shelter under beheaded skull of every village house. Now the spirit cannot be captured because its resided by famous head hunter wizard called Senti. This lucky spirits use to stay quiet at day but use to come out and meet each other at night near the slab stone. What happened is that one night this Senti wizard came to know about the spirits from his dream. “I need to send this spirit away. I smell misfortunes,” he told his wife at bed. However, in the morning a messenger came and conveyed, “Your brother has been beheaded by unknown person, so come fast”, he said. So he had to leave without telling anything to his people. Nobody knew what await their future. Suddenly at dawn there was a cry and the village was attacked by enemies surrounding from all sides. The villages could repulse back but they have lost thirty two head to the attacker enemy. The enemy did not run too far but they were circling the village for another enemy. The ill fated village chief knew but had no option than gathering and motivating for self- defense. What happened is that he heard some voice while practicing on the slab stone about becoming tiger. “We should help the village people. For them only we are surviving. Tomorrow our village will have the booty of 200 heads,” the spirits told this to one another. The king at his meditative state thought “These are some childhood story that is coming out from my inner mind. Now, let me concentrate on this ritual. I swear with this chopped cock head that tomorrow there will be a history”. 

When the sun was rising there were roar of tiger and war cry towards the village. Arrows and spears were like falling like rain. Many heads were lying like balls and pumpkins. It seems the kali is omnipotent in this head hunting village though they do know not this goddess of art. The battle ended and the attacking enemies were all beheaded. There was celebration all around. Women welcomed the warrior by pouring mudu (rice beer). Young warriors were settled for marriage. There were games and dances too. The spirit too felt happy and were enjoying though they cannot be seem by the villagers.

Suddenly there was silence because of a voice. A woman with a dao (Naga Sword), she told them that they were attacked due to the spirit that her husband had seen. The spirit is in their village and she told them chase it off to save more misfortunes. Every body agreed because wizard wife were considered equal under the absence of husband. She told them that the stone god took pity on them and so they had won but not all the time. 

In the morning all people to ask around the slab. Hen and dog meat were offered. Picture of spirit were drawn and mudu was offered each and then were cut in the neck by bone with war cry. Suddenly they saw their dogs, pigs, cocks and cats wailing like human and vomiting blood and liver and dying! “Do not panic the spirits are dying just shout and shout,” said the wife of wizard.

They all went happily to sleep after dance and heavy food. Who knows all will have the same horrible and surprising dream at night? They saw in their dreams that heads were chopped by their own soul happily and their head were loaded to be given to the enemy who had lost to them in fighting. They were chaos and wailing of children at night. All came out and even the wizard wife too. They decided to pray at the slab and all were caught at the slab in the middle of the night. As they were praying suddenly there was a crack and the slab broke into many forms like glass and the spirits flew away in smokes. Suddenly there was a noise like bomb and the village was no more. All were swallowed by the earth like python swallowing a tiny rat. 

Next day the wizard came and went away sadly to another village. He settled there by marrying his brother’s wife. After this the practice of burying body started at home and under village. It was hunted no more!