Call for more investment in education sector as Nagaland observes National Education Day

Dignitaries and others during the observance of National Education Day in Kohima on November 11. (Morung Photo)

Dignitaries and others during the observance of National Education Day in Kohima on November 11. (Morung Photo)

Our Correspondent
Kohima | November 11

Nagaland’s school education principal director Thavaseelan K, today maintained that more investment in education accelerates the growth and development of a nation.

“An under investment in education imperils our future,” he said while addressing National Education Day 2023 organized by Nagaland Education Association (NEA) in the Directorate of School Education, Kohima under the theme “Innovative learning for sustainable future.”

United Nations advocates prioritizing investment in education, he said adding that education empowers an individual and is the bedrock of growth and development in any Nation.

“As such, education needs to be priorities if a nation want to progress. Without education, a nation cannot compete with others nor achieve developmental goals,” he said.

Thavaseelan urged the intelligentsia of Nagaland and officials working in different departments of education to uphold the theme of the International Education Day (To invest in people, prioritize education) in letter and spirit and contribute towards the attainment of sustainable, enlightened and equitable future for all.

Powerful mind built a powerful nation
The principal director said that a powerful mind built a powerful nation and the power of the mind is shaped by the system of education.

“We have the opportunity to shape the minds of younger generations who are our future leaders and builders of nation. So, as pillars in the process of nation building, let us give our best and contribute towards sustainable human resource development,” he said.

Education must empower an individual and equip them with skills and knowledge for personal development and self-reliance, he said.

He stressed on the need to encourage the young minds to learn more skills and undertake technical and professional education on a larger scale. These will enable a person to become self-reliant and become an asset to the nation/nations, he said.

Embrace innovation
Thavaseelan stressed on the need to embrace innovation in teaching-learning process and promote quality education.

“As educators, we can introduce innovative learning in educational institutions and foster the culture of innovation through multifarious ways,” he said.

In this, he suggested the use of technology to enhance learning, project based learning, encouraging critical thinking, sense of adventure and openness to adapt to changes, fostering culture of collaboration, providing more space for learners to think out of the box, encourage students to explore new ideas, incorporating interactive elements into lesson plans etc.

“By doing so, we can ensure that our learners are equipped with necessary techniques/tools to tackle the challenges of the future, he said.

Innovative learning for sustainable future
Talking on the theme of National Education Day, Professor Lungsang Zeliang, Department of Education, Nagaland University said, “We must equip young people and the coming generations with knowledge, skills and competencies to prepare them for a sustainable future.”

Making our education system more inclusive and also more resilient to future challenges such as preparing students for a greener future, providing digital solutions, advancing gender equality, increasing economic security and employment, empowering young people to become effective leaders must be priorities in today's world, she said.

In order to facilitate these, we must look for innovative options and alternatives.

The National Education Policy encourages innovation and out-of-the-box ideas through autonomy, good governance and empowerment, she maintained.

Looking beyond the four walls of a classroom, she said, “Let us learn to live a sustainable lifestyle, culture of peace, inclusivity, global citizenship and diversity of any kind.”

We need to have a plan to orient our education system to a space where economic growth can walk hand in hand with social growth and environmental integration, she said adding “only then we can shape a better and sustainable future.

Earlier, NEA president Dr Zavise Rume delivered presidential address. The programme was chaired by NEA general secretary Dr Visiezolie Yashu. Welcome address was delivered by NEA information & public relations secretary Medoneinuo Rupreo while vote of thanks was proposed by NEA treasurer Dr Neizekhonuo Liezietsu.