Can the government succeed in banning child labour in Nagaland?

Those who said YES had this to say:

•    The child labour status in Nagaland is very miniscule in population comparing to other state and for that matter if the concerned authority realizes the future of child human rights and its impact it will do beforehand. They should be successful in doing it with respect to the situation cited above.
•    Since it’s a Christian state
•    Yes, unlike other states

Those who said NO had this to say:

•    No, our memsahebs would be lost without their little ‘minis’. They’re much better than robots as they are cost efficient and can be thrashed into submission.
•    How can they when they themselves have child labour in their own household? Like it or not, child labour is part of life, as alcohol is banned, yet is in CM’s house, banning child labour is easy, try enforcing it!
•    An effective Govt runs the state with sincerity, punctuality and abide the norms of the citizens. Whereas Nagas start the corrupt practices at an early stage. How can the Nagaland govt ban Child Labour when corruption exists at all levels of Departments?
•    A definite and committed policy and participation of the people is lacking.
•    I don’t think the govt will be successful in banning child labour. When we look at Naga society, from a small age, Naga children in the villages take home chores and take responsibilities of looking after their home while their parents are away in the field. In town, children stay away in relatives houses.
•    But yes, govt should stop the selling of children by parents who need money, or give away their children for cheap labour. This must be stopped, but it cannot be stopped by govt, it can only be stopped when people stop taking child labour.
•    No, because everyone is connected to one official or the other. The moment action is taken against a person, the issue of tribalism crops up!
•    Unemployment and poor domestic economy in Nagaland
•    No committed approach so far in every government policies. Another bit of paper work.
•    No, because the moment it is banned, it will go underground. 
•    It is indeed a good legislation, but we lack the facility to rehabilitate the children. So though a good law, yet will be ineffective.
•    What can our govt. do for the kids when people are deprived of their rights?
•    It’s too early for Nagaland to ban child labour, because the society needs labours in the field of development and also the kind of child labour in Nagaland is not extreme that has taken to be extreme in any ways.
•    Most of the wealthy won’t be able to function without their modern day serfs.
•    It’s no way possible because the government servants themselves are employing young children in their homes as maid servants and errand boys
•    Culturally, is not possible because Naga children work from a young age but we must discourage getting adivasis and other children as labourers.
•    The government can’t if it does not educate the rural masses 
•    The government will not succeed
Those who said MAYBE had this to say:
•    We see the potential in our leaders........ (eg:- Mr. Rio) if they are really determined.
•    The government may take up any action plan, however all depends on the implementing agencies if not in system. 
•    Not sure, why wait for government for banning child labour? It should be banned ourselves. Thereafter govt should implement adequate and equal provision.