Can young people’s active and meaningful participation in the electoral process bring positive change in Nagaland? Give Reasons

•    The younger folk are more in numbers.
•    Yes, provided the ECI do intensive campaign sensitising the public, especially among the youth regarding the app, including the cons of electoral malpractice in the society; Validate the ECI rule by taking immediate action upon the people/govt servant involved in malpractices.
•    We have some medium to channelise our thoughts and express it.
•    Absolutely Yes... Young people are the leader of tomorrow and their active participations in the electoral process can bring out the right leader for our society.
•    The young people know about the problems and even have modern solutions for the same while the old leaders have their classic ways of solving the problems.
•    If an individual person votes for the right candidate or the right party, and not sell his / her vote, I believe participation in the electoral process can bring a big positive change in Nagaland.
•    Yes of course it will play an immense role in developing the state by mean of casting vote to passionate and trustworthy candidate whose role and heart will always be for his or her dear fellow public in which I can say the young educated, dedicated and nation loving Person are the only source that can bring change to the present corrupted Nagaland.

•    Unlike other communities, Nagas still has that communitarian nature - they are my uncle and unties kind of attitude which is further confuses by the need to overlook, forgive, and not judging as Christians.
•    No, never, Election commission is a puppet body
•    Nothing happens in this land of illusion.
•    Not a chance dream on
•    No. They want iPhones
•    Simply because of Lack of experience and adrenaline rush.
•    Young people are already conditioned by their corrupt parents, elders and politicians and there is nothing good about a kakistocracy in any society.
•    As long as the "system" remains still there will be no positive changes.

•    It's 50/50 in my opinion. see there are a lot of intellectual and educated people in Nagaland yet there are so many uneducated one's too which the politicians are well aware of it and tries to manipulate/exploit them with the power of money ,firstly the uneducated people don't take it as a serious matter and ignores the consequences they will face in the future ( I'm not saying that all the uneducated one's are not wise) Most of the Naga people want easy money even the literate ones too, (it's not like they aren't aware of it) they think that nothing will change by one vote and that's a big issue. Not every Educated and literate person are wise they easily become greedy after seeing money. I understand that there are so many people who wants to choose the right candidate and we are seeing young candidates contesting for free and fair election with good motives and to bring changes in Nagaland but the situation is that there are a lot of candidates trying to win using money power and the corrupted one's get elected with majority votes. Untill and unless the mindset of the majority Nagas change corruption will still remain in Nagaland for the next 20-30 years (i might be wrong).
•    More than 50 years of statehood and the question still remains the same. We need to first change the system.
•    Only the positive thinkers and attitude, and willingness to change can bring positive change in Nagaland. Without that we're hoping to suffer more. It's not the prediction but that's the fact. And there are more than half of our Nagas fill with selfishness. Sorry to say this but That's our identity.
•    Can newspaper surveys bring changes? Is more relevant
•    Let voter decide