CANSSEA must live

This is for the consumption of the State Government employees in particular, and the people of Nagaland in general. It is understood that any organization (s) is being established to work for the welfare of its bonafide members.

Like wise the CANSSEA (Confederation of all Nagaland State services employee’s association) was established collectively with all individual department associations Registered under an Apex organization in the name and style of CANSSEA, during the year 1995.

To function effectively, a common Constitution was framed and approved by the house. The organization came into being with a team of its Central office bearer by i) President, ii) Vice President, iii) General Secretary, iv) 2 Joint Secretaries, v) Treasurer and vi) Finance Secretary.

Accordingly, the team begin to work with 16 (Sixteen) charter of demands, and put forward to the Government of Nagaland for favourable action. Unfortunately the State Government fail to compiled with favourable action on the demands, for which a long struggle between the State Government and CANSSEA, in the form of democratic way of agitation and through legal Court from 1995-2000; under the leadership of Dr. K. Solo as President.

During the period of confrontation the central office bearers went through under many trials and during the course its General Secretary was put under suspension by the State Government for consecutive of 2 (two), years with no fault of his assigned duties.

After a long struggle the State Government had made on 5 (five) points agreement with CANSSEA, under the dynamic leadership of Shri. S.C. Jamir than the Honourable Chief Minister of Nagaland; fervently supported by Shri. Neiphio Rio, then the Honourable Minister without whose support the 5th Central Pay Scale could be implemented. The CANSSEA is immensely extend grateful for his lovingly concern for the employees of the State Government.

The CANSSEA is again lucky to have such a highly benevolent person to hold the highest Honourable post, will be able to deliver the “6th CENTRAL PAY” to the State employees at the earliest, so as enable them to couped up with the raise in prices of essential commodities.

Above all the CANSSEA, have many fold responsibilities to carry on for its bonafide members such as: -

1.    24 (twenty four) months pay arrear of 5th Central Pay;
2.    Timely release of DA/ADA;
3.    Immediate implementation of “6th Central Pay”;
4.    Other invites/facilities due to the employees etc.

In order to take care of the above stated, the CENTRAL CANSSEA team should be in A befitting position to carry on the committed services to the State employees.

During my active life of service I have to the best that I can contribute to the cause of CANSSEA, however I have retired since 2002 which does not give me the right to execute my duties as General Secretary CANSSEA. Similar to my case there are other office bearers who in the same condition as shown below. Therefore, I call upon all the members to come to a consensus and relieve the retired office bearers and re-elect in our replacement so that CANSSEA can become even more active and dynamic.

I will always contribute to the cause of CANSSEA and pay thank Association shine for the best in days to come.

Please see the Present Position of the CENTAL OFFICE BEARERS
1. Dr. K. Solo     - President
2 Dr. L. Shikikhe Sumi    - General Secretary, Rtd. 2002 year
3. Dr. S.C. Hazarika    - Vice President, Retd. 2000 year
4. Shri. Boroah    - Finance Secretary, Rtd. 1999 year
5. Dr. N.K. Nuh    - Treasurer, Rtd. 2005
6. Dr. I.P. Khala     - Jt Secretary
7. Shri. Yabang    - Jt. Secretary

The above status and position of the central office bearers is crystal clears, that there is a call of urgency to strengthen the office bearer by way of election/nomination as enshrined in the constitution.

The undersigned would therefore appeal to all Divisional office bearers who themselves are the executive members of the central office of CANSSEA, to take up the matter by convening an emergency meeting at an earliest date.

For further information please contact: Tel. No. 9856209558

Dr. L Shikihe Sumi
General Secretary
CANSSEA, Diphupar “B”, Dimapur Nagaland