Caolition Government in Nagaland

The election to the 10th Legislative Assembly of Nagaland was held in the month of Feb.2003, a total number of 8,91,039 (Eight Lacs Ninety one thousand and Thirty nine) electorates exercise franchise to elect responsible and capable representatives to represent on behalf. The Pre-poll alliance of NPF and its alliance mustered a comfortable majority in the 60 members Assembly toppling the most powerful and long regime of Indian National Congress (INC).

Interestingly, the battle was neck-to-neck till the final whistle, with DAN (Democratic Alliance of Nagaland) come out victorious. There is reason for the NPF to celebrate but the NPF should also keep in mind that any downswing by the small parties or within the party will surely result in instability, Government formation has filled with demands of those who are lend support but able and dynamic leadership of Neiphiu Rio work overtime to take care of its alliance partner while also kept things under control. While the Rio’s Ministry was galloping and functioning smoothly, chief Minister faced very tough task when the downsizing surface, there were chaos’s and murmurs within the DAN government, factions and sub-groups within the political parties . Some ministers were dropped from the ministry due to downsizing exercise. Few frustrated and disgruntled MLAs wittingly ink their signatures and started playing mischievous dirty game to destabilize the leadership of Rio’s.

As far as I am concerned, the DAN government has done so much for the state and has taken the people of Nagaland to a new height and committed itself for the welfare of the people on all fronts. At such phase of development, the Bye-election for Dimapur-1 A/C and Tuensang Sardar-11 A/C was held; the National and Regional political parties formulate policies and strategies to hold on the prestigious post, the seats left vacant owing to demise of Late. Dr. Hokishe Sema and Late Lakhiumong of the BJP. Hopefully the arithmetic of add for NPF (Atomi Zhimomi) and Congress (Kejong Chang) respectively; the BJP were the heavy losses.

Surprisingly, when the National and Regional political parties are preparing manifestos, policies and strategies for the next coming general election, serious trouble awaits the survival of the DAN ministry headed by Rio’s as 22 DAN MLAs have reportedly signed a letter withdrawing support to Rio’s Government and re-surface the change of leadership has virtually shaken the four and half year-old DAN coalition. But, when the 26 NPF, BJP& JD (U) MLAs reaffirmed its supports to the leadership of Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio, stating that there is no question of shifting their support to any other leader, the ongoing political controversy in the state added another twist and took its own shape and firm position. It was, in fact ‘dooms day’ for the people; wakeful! What political situation will prevail in days to come?

The Hon’ble MLA Khutovi Sema while resigning from the post of Advisor Bamboo Mission says that ‘no Chief Minister brought development to the state like Rio’s did so far; “Rio is the Champion of the development” but added “those working under him are very corrupt and management is weak”, such statements are respected and honored.

After one week Hon’ble Chief Minister lashed out openly for the first time since the political development in the state, he described the claims and allegations made by the dissidents as “farce and Mockery”. He claimed the majority supports him and the government is running smoothly, it’s true.

The dust and uncertainty of politics in the state capital have finally settled that drew the attention of the public. The entire episode was nothing but a “mockery and political drama”. It is only a speculation and assumption instead of creating any political upheaval. It was party problems within one party affair, which if not doused immediately could lead to collapse of the government and also aggravated the cleavage between the elected members and gave further impetus to the political parties divide.

After all, the tragedy of it all is that the dishonesty and irresponsibility which governs the political system in Nagaland. It is all speculated and rooted in coalition government. Politicians are aware that ‘there are no permanent enemies and no permanent friends in politics’  but it is suicidal and dangerous to indulged in the political power games based on factionalisms, favoritisms, opportunists, corruptions, etc.

Heartiest congratulation to Hon’ble CM Shri Neiphiu Rio, “champion of Coalition Government” for taking the state of Nagaland to a new height and committed itself for “All for Development” & “Development for All”.

‘Woe to Government instability’.

P. Roland Ezung, Kohima.