• Hijacking of Democracy
    The present NPF led government in Nagaland has still not come out with any official statement with regard to several important issues demanding attention. One of them is obviously the implementation of 33% rese
  • Rhetoric on Corruption
    In a rare official action against graft, the Government of Nagaland recently penalized a village council chairman for corruption, misuse of village funds and has ‘disqualified’ him from selection as
  • The Two India
    The last three to four days has been an awesome time for India and its image as a growing business and entertainment hub. We had the glamour and excitement of the Formula One sporting event coming to India. Alo
  • Achieving Quality Control
    It is common sense for any right thinking person to demand quality in a product or service rendered. By experience the government sector fails to deliver on this front. Everywhere you go, most products or servi
  • Climate Change Governance
    In an earlier editorial, we had mentioned governance as one of the key factor that needs to be given due importance in order to address climate change and the myriad of issue and problem that come with it. A re
  • Naga Identity in Christ
    In one of the Sunday service in the first week of September, a senior Pastor of a prominent Church in Dimapur delivered an important sermon touching on the relevant issue of a people’s identity and how Na
  • Kashmir Report
    Advocating “meaningful autonomy” and speedy development, the three interlocutors on Jammu and Kashmir submitted their report to Home Minister P. Chidambaram recently, a year after they were appointe
  • Year of Entrepreneurs?
    An organization going by the name ‘Entrepreneurs Union’ consisting of those selected under the State’s ‘Year of Entrepreneurs’ has brought to the attention of the Government of Nag
  • Remembering the Real Legacy of Columbus
    October 10, 2011 was Columbus Day in the United States. It marks another anniversary of the day that Christopher Columbus set foot in the New World in his erroneous attempts to forge an alternate route to India
  • Women for Peace, Democracy
    The 2011 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to a trio of women's rights activists: President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Leymah Gbowee of Liberia, and Tawakkul Karman of Yemen. The Norwegian Nobel Committee stated
  • The issue, I am told, is the tissue
    How far away are we from the periphery? Alternatively, how can we ‘peripherize’ spaces that are central to its inhabitants and their ideas? If we don’t understand where our lines must run thro
  • No Communication in Manipur
    The ongoing economic blockade in Manipur and the hardship faced by people there is something that all of us should sympathize with as common people are suffering due to shortage of essential commodities. Prices
  • Health of Children
    Expressing concern over the death of 500 children allegedly due to encephalitis, the National Child Rights Commission has asked for a report on the matter from the Uttar Pradesh government in 15 days. In a lett
  • Responding to Disaster
    In the backdrop of the recent earthquake that devastated Sikkim and also the numerous warning signs of impending disaster/s striking a vulnerable place like Nagaland, the launch on October 10, 2011 of Nagaland&
  • Occupying Wall Street and the Protests Against Corporate Greed
    About ten days ago, what began as a murmur of dissent, gathered momentum to become a multidimensional attack on corporate greed in America. Thousands of ordinary people have come out into the streets in New Yor
  • The Resolve to Win
    Since the last one decade or so, and in particular during the last two years, the Government of India (GoI) has been engaging itself with the question of Kashmir, Telangana and the Naga talks through various ap
  • Open & Responsive Govt
    Every year October 5-12 is being observed as the Right to Information (RTI) week across the country with the respective Information Commissions organizing workshops, seminars, press meets, competition in colleg
  • Nagas, Integration and Identities
    The integration of the Naga homeland, divided at present by manmade boundaries, has been part and parcel of Naga political consciousness right from the time of the Naga National Council when the Naga movement t
  • Moon to Mon—all crater
    I’m sure some of you read about Miss Mon 2011 being held last week in, well, Mon even if you weren’t lucky enough to be there. I was! And everyone else I came to know in Mon Town was. And anyone who
  • UN Statehood bid
    In a significant move the Palestinians have asked the United Nations on Friday (September 23) to accept them as a member state. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas submitted the application to U.N. chief Ban Ki