• Of Irish Luck, Charm and Resilience...
    Earlier this week the president of the United States of America discovered his Irish roots. As Obama raised a pint of Guinness and mesmerised the thousands who had gathered to hear him speak, by breaking out in
  • Improving E-governance
    In the last one decade or so, we have seen a tremendous growth of technology permeating into every aspect of our lives. Further there has been vast improvement in the area of computer and mobile technology. All
  • Manipur’s Knee-jerk Reaction
    In another knee-jerk reaction, the Manipur government has taken a decision asking the Nagaland Chief Minister and other NPF party leaders from Nagaland to defer the planned visit to Senapati, Manipur for the la
  • Tirade on Statehood
    Going by the recent spate of statements dished out on the Naga political issue, Nagaland Home Minister Imkong L Imchen is certainly on a high after the ruling NPF’s astounding victory in the Aonglenden by
  • Reconciliation and Elections
    Naga Reconciliation and politics obviously does not gel well and the two should be kept apart for all intents and purposes. Whenever politics raises its ugly head, as was the case in the recent bye-elections to
  • Fighting Crime
    The recent wave of perpetual criminal activities that have struck Naga society is a grim reminder that criminalization of the society has reached a new phase of brutality and arrogance as far as the Naga experi
  • A Revolution in India
    The news about the arrest of Kanimozhi, DMK Rajya Sabha MP and Karunanidhi’s daughter in the 2G spectrum scam must come as bad news for many of our corrupt politicians and yes bureaucrats too, although fo
  • Welcome Palestinian Reconciliation
    The reconciliation deal signed between the Palestinian factions under the mediation of the Egyptian government in Cairo on May 4, 2011 is an important achievement not just for Palestinian unity but for a return
  • Govt Overhaul
    There is no reason to doubt at all that the entire area of our government system require a major overhaul whether it is its functioning or the quality of the working force. Why reform of our government is so im
  • Inclusive Peace Process
    Unlike the discrepancy in the statement of Union Home Secretary GK Pillai, on the status and progress of the Naga political dialogue, at least the Government of India’s interlocutor RS Pandey, a former Ch
  • Nature of the State
    In the common search for a just Peace, it is judicious to begin by asking fundamental questions that define the path in which the process towards understanding interplays with issues of natural justice. Invaria
  • Democracy & Change
    Friday the 13th occurs when the thirteenth day of a month falls on a Friday, which superstition holds to be a day of bad luck. However if it does bring bad luck to some, by the same measure it should be a lucky
  • Fighting our Problems
    Problems confronting Naga society and polity refuses to go away rather it is growing in different directions taking various shapes and forms. At the outset, it is important for everyone concerned to realize tha
  • Acting against the Corrupt
    It is not always that in a corrupt system like India you get to see the arrest of top politicians and powerful people in cases of corruption. In fact as per public record there has been only one politician in t
  • Role Model Students
    As the Nagaland Board of Secondary Education (NBSE) examination results was declared it was only expected that there would be the few from among thousands coming out on top. While it is true that there can be o
  • Democracy Not Enough
    Every elections that is held in Nagaland only reinforces the truth that democracy we may proclaim but in reality we are undemocratic in our thinking and way of life. This is true not only of our politicians who
  • Overcoming Myths
    Human history has shown that it is always the oppressor and the ‘powers that be’ that writes and determines the history of the people they oppress? This trend has tremendously affected the history a
  • Flying Danger in NE
    Within days of a crash in Arunachal Pradesh, another chopper went missing in Sikkim. The crash in Arunachal killed 17 persons and injured six others while all four Army personnel were killed in the Sikkim crash
  • Another Poll Test
    The May 7 Bye-Election for the prestigious 26 Aonglenden Assembly Constituency will be keenly watched across Nagaland for several reasons. The re-entry of former Chief Minister SC Jamir and whether he is able t
  • Post-Osama World
    The killing of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden at the hands of US forces inside Pakistan has expectedly made headlines around the world. However we should not forget that the September 9, 2001 terror attacks ma