• Violent Mindset
    As people around the world celebrated another Christmas this December 25, it was very unfortunate to learn about the scourge of violence and killing continuing to take place. Whether it was Afghanistan, Nigeria
  • Truth and Legality
    The supposed ‘global village’ is filled with internal contradictions, which if not addressed constructively could have detrimental consequences to the question of human co-existence. The more aggres
  • Harbinger of Naga friendship, unity
    Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio has done well to take a much needed initiative of building a bridge of friendship between two well known villages—Ungma under Mokokchung district and Tuophema in Kohima district
  • Redrawing Boundaries
    Ever since the demand for creation of new states came to the fore, the political establishment in Delhi has been faced with numerous challenges from one end of the country to the other. Whether it is Telangana
  • New Global Politics?
    As in most things that move and change the ties between countries, which is governed by international relations, is also always in a state of fluid. In fact every country, which is admitted as an independent St
  • Popular Christmas
    The season to celebrate and be merry is once again upon us and more so for the Christian majority Naga state and its people. And keeping with our reputation as proud Christians and at the same time the heavy do
  • Roadmap for NE
    The visit of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh along with UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi to Imphal, Manipur has only raised more questions about New Delhi’s intent to address not just the Naga political issue b
  • Reality Stunts
    In this age and time of 24x7 news, smart phones, plasma television, fast food and speeding connectivity, life can become a bit too surreal. We need to be cautious about this whole new media generated hype surro
  • Politicization of State Bureaucracy
    During a recent public function held at the State capital Kohima, a former Chief Secretary of Nagaland who is currently the Chief Information Commissioner (CIC), made some interesting observation about his pers
  • Naga Human Rights Index
    Speaking on the occasion of the 63rd International Human Rights Day which was organized by the Naga Peoples Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR), Rev Dr Wati Aier as a matter of fact pointed out that institutional
  • 2011—The Lokpal Saga
    According to Time magazine, Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement that saw Indians rally in support has been named among the top 10 news stories in the world this year, which listed the Arab Spring and k
  • Safety First Approach
    In a major fire tragedy close to 90 people majority of them patients in Kolkata's well known AMRI hospital were killed when a blaze started in the basement of the annexe building early on Friday and toxic f
  • Techno Governance
    In the last one decade or so, we have seen a tremendous growth of technology permeating into every aspect of our lives. Further there has been vast improvement in the area of computer and mobile technology. All
  • Nagaland Press & Social Media
    Recently an editorial in this column mentioned about media as an instrument of public accountability and how those in the media must be first accountable itself.  The press in Nagaland has performed exceed
  • Politics & the FDI Question
    The furor over the decision of the Union Cabinet to allow 51% Foreign Direct Investment in the retail sector has stalled Parliament from functioning and leading to wrangling with political parties from the far
  • Onus on Sonia, PM
    UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh made their scheduled visit to Manipur on December 3 where the duo inaugurated several development projects besides addressing a public rally in Imp
  • Checks & Balances
    In what should be seen as a positive development as far as running the affairs of the country is concerned, the ‘independent’ judiciary as the third wing of the government has stepped into its role
  • Hornbill Fest—The Good Feel Factor
    The annual Hornbill Festival is here once again and as always there is excitement and anticipation as people of Nagaland look forward to showcase the wonderful sight, sound and taste of Naga culture and traditi
  • Rising to the Challenge
    As we enter the last month of yet another year gone by, there will be several reasons to celebrate and cheer about. The first week of December—the annual Nagaland Hornbill Festival—is something that
  • Misconception on Supra-State Body
    The information revealed about the proposed Supra-State body for the Nagas by The Seven Sisters Post newspaper has led to all sort of speculation, confusion as well as what this newspaper feels is a misconcepti