• Tuensang’s Stake in Water Pipes
    A sense of confusion prevails both within the government departments and also among the public over the Gravity Water Supply Project for Tuensang district. While it was learnt that the Public Health & Engin
  • Maintaining impartiality
    If the first casualty in armed conflict is the truth, the next are civilians who are often rendered speechless and faceless by the scourge of violence. Caught between conflicting parties they are often the ones
  • Human Rights & Armed Groups
    A generation ago the emphasis of human rights was primarily defined in the context of the State. This was based on the perception that a State was the protector of rights, and the assumption that only State was
  • Team Cricket
    If great team contribution was the key to India’s triumph over Sri Lanka, the same will be the case against the Proteas in the upcoming series. Those who follow the game of cricket closely will feel convinced
  • The power of Power
    Essentially life is power and power is life and in the end it is through the power of Power that all life is realized. However, in the existing discourse of human affairs the life-giving forms of power have bee
  • Checks & Balances
     Despite constitutional bindings, the separation of the judiciary from the executive wing of the state remains still a far cry due to obvious reluctance and foot-dragging on the part of the Nagaland govern
  • Prove Authority Rio
    The assassination of former Director General of Police Hesso Mao in the State Capital yesterday by unidentified gunmen is a shameless act of cowardice and one that has shocked the entire Naga population. The cr
  • Truth and Knowledge
    Truth and knowledge are existential realities perceived and understood in different ways. It is essential to examine how the basis of social and cultural practices formed the realms of knowledge that not only r
  • Prestige of Congress party not Natwar’s
    The decision taken by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the Congress party to strip Natwar Singh of his portfolio was hardly surprising since the Foreign Minister’s continuance has become completely untenable
  • Indigenous people at risk
    The endeavors of indigenous people for survival and realization of basic needs and fundamental rights has been complicated by compelling circumstances and exceptional challenges created by the homogenizing and
  • Patriarchy & Development
    In recent years, waves of ‘state-centric development’ policies and programs have been initiated in Nagaland. Most of these policies and programs have centered around two focal areas, infrastructure and huma
  • Political Obligation
    When push comes to shove, there is bound to be resistance and the Nagas in Manipur has done just that albeit in a way that needs to be respected for the simple reason that they have chosen to protest within the
  • Indelible Impression
    In Nagaland there prevails widespread frustration among the educated youth and instead of becoming a positive force they are getting increasingly alienated and resentful. For this sorry state of affairs, the st
  • Democracy – A Paradox?
    There seems to be an ironic paradox in the way democracy is practiced in ‘Nagaland state.’ While there has been steps made to make distinctions between the prospects of democracy as a vision, and the mechan
  • Moral Imagination
    Indigenous peoples, the world over have witnessed great destruction, despair and suffering meted out against them; challenging the very core of their social, political, economic and moral fiber. Yet, it is thes
  • The Deep End
    Public grievances raised at different times from various quarters over the violation of ceasefire ground rules by different Naga Underground Groups is a genuine one and needs immediate attention from the concer
  • Shark Loans
    One major curse that is entangling Naga society and family over many years now is the innumerable problems brought about by the lacunae in the informal money lending system and the dismal world brought about by
  • Culture as Education
    At the core of all historical processes, education and educational institutions has been a primary mover in shaping the discourse of human relation and the relationship between states, which in turn has reshape
  • Talk into Action
    While we contemplate on bringing about systemic change to our State and Society when it comes to tackling the problem of corruption, it would also be worthwhile to delve into how this can be addressed in a more
  • Struggle and Pursuit
    The formation of modern state has led to two contradicting phenomenon: the struggle for rights, and the pursuit for power. While it is fundamental to recognize the relation between rights and power as interdepe