• Death Penalty – Victors’ Justice?
    At a time when the practice of the death penalty is being intensely contested, the ruling of the Iraqi court to sentence Saddam Hussein to death for crimes against humanity once again brings the broader issues
  • Unprofitable Cause
    The news of the Election Commission (EC) of India giving a clean chit to Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio on the Office of Profit issue is welcome and a similar verdict in favour of Leader of Opposition I. Imkong bri
  • Might is Law
    It is somewhat of a coincidence to write an editorial of this nature exactly a year after The Morung Express had strongly commented on the assassination of former Director General of Police Hesso Mao in the Sta
  • Seal on the Illegal
    It is not a good time for traders in Delhi and especially for those having unauthorized commercial establishments in residential areas in the national capital. For the Centre and the Delhi government as well, i
  • Return to Eco-culture
    Is urban life sucking the life out of you? Rural tourism could just be what people are looking for. And given that a majority of Nagas live in their villages, it is all the more important to tap this segment of
  • For an Alternative Development?
    In recent times, consciences are being stirred, ethics are being taught, intense discussions are being generated and management is being learned. While the continuing violence to human condition and its environ
  • Establishing Truth
    The controversy surrounding the conduct of Indian Reserve Battalion (IRB) from Nagaland doing anti-Naxal duty in the jungles of Bastar in Chhattisgarh has now pitted civil liberty/human rights groups against th
  • Us and Them
    Power has the tendency to generate some form of resentment. This resentment is further multiplied when those with power have lost the ability and wisdom to see its power from the perspective of those with relat
  • Contextual Governance
    The two day Regional Conference of North-Eastern and Eastern Region on ‘Fostering Good Governance’ at Police Complex, Chumukedima, Dimapur beginning November 2 is a significant event that will hopefully pro
  • Politics of Underdevelopment
    Underdevelopment is not simply just the absence of development. It is created by current economic system which sucks resources from the villages to towns, from towns to cities and from developing counties to fi
  • Tryst with Destiny
    In a time of global push towards respecting universal rights and democratic values, the vindictive and barbarous system of death penalty or ‘state-sponsored murder’ continues unabated in countries such as t
  • From Rhetoric to Action
    A day ahead of the ‘Vigilance Awareness Week’, coinciding with the birthday of the ‘Iron Man of India Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel’, Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio in his message called for greater resolve to
  • The Future?
    The process of nation-building is greatly influenced by intergenerational perspectives and opinions. Issues surrounding how different generations approach this are critical in the making of a nation. While olde
  • Demilitarize Populated Areas
    With increasing factional clashes and an overt turf war spreading from the rural hinterlands to public inhabited areas, the much hyped and talked about Ceasefire Ground Rules that the Government of India has si
  • Culture of Truth or Culture of Silence?
    The recent revelations of atrocities committed by the 9th IRB in Chhattisgarh have put Naga consciousness to the test. The manner in which the Naga consciousness responds to this pertinent issue will reflect on
  • Prisoners of Uncertainty?
    Growing restlessness and lingering lethargy enveloping the Naga skyline is causing an uneasy sense of acute cynicism and unfocused anger, just churning restlessly for its release. The internal and external cond
  • Truth and Knowledge
    Truth and knowledge are existential realities perceived and understood in different ways. It is essential to examine how the basis of social and cultural practices formed the realms of knowledge that not only r
  • Welcome Changes
    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has finally undertaken an expansion and reshuffling of his Cabinet. With this, the strength of the Union council of ministers goes up to 80 with 34 Cabinet ministers, seven Ministe
  • Transformative Praxis
    The historical dividing issues between Indigenous people and the State system are a reality that is being relived by the descendants of indigenous nations. The lack of will to address the indigenous issues has
  • Un-Ending Talks
    The Government of India-NSCN (IM) peace process, which completed another round of ‘inconclusive’ talks at Amsterdam, is heading for nowhere. The talk appears to have reached a deadlock with both sides ‘st