• Innovation Mantra
    The decision of the UPA Government to introduce the Prime Minister’s Awards for excellence in Public Administration to recognize the extraordinary and innovative work done by the officers of the Central and S
  • Outside the Loop
    Working the RTI ActDesignating Public Information Officers in the respective department is one thing but what is required is the constitutionally mandated State Information Commission (SIC) which is now expecte
  • Poverty Demoralizes
    While social and economic poverty has caused a serious threat to the survival of humankind, poverty of the mind has a demoralizing effect that questions the very existence of human life. Hence a question to pon
  • DAN’s Reign
    The Democratic Alliance of Nagaland (DAN) headed by Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio came to power in March 6, 2003 with a plethora of promises as enunciated under the Common Minimum Program (CMP). With the completio
  • Making sense of Non-Govt Organizations
    It seems that any and every organization which does not fall under the direct structure of the state-system is fairly or unfairly labeled as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). Indeed the term ‘NGO’ is w
  • Culture as Education
    At the core of all historical processes, education and educational institutions has been a primary mover in shaping the discourse of human relation and the relationship between states, which in turn has reshape
  • The Right Route
    Tens of thousands of people shouting anti-Bush and anti-American slogans on Friday converged in the capital New Delhi to protest US President George W Bush’s visit to the country. Waving red flags, holding pl
  • Education as Development
    Development and Education are about liberating people from all that holds them back from a full human life. Therefore ultimately development and education are about transformation, a process that involves spiri
  • Face-Saving Formula
    The Dimapur Municipal Council may never be able to work in the way it should function given the ugly turn of events that has now divided the very council right down the middle. Worse still, for the ruling NPF g
  • Self-definition and Existence
    The State system that feeds upon power, domination and violence has displaced humanity from its center and pushed aside other forms of political, social and economic organization. This has resulted in the break
  • Transformative Praxis
    The historical dividing issues between Indigenous people and the State system are a reality that is being relived by the descendants of indigenous nations. The lack of will to address the indigenous issues has
  • Getting to Work
    While the decision of the Nagaland Government—to declare all the Saturdays of the months as Regular Holidays with effect from January 1, 2006—may have brought cheer to the government employees, going by the
  • Moral Imagination
    Indigenous peoples, the world over have witnessed great destruction, despair and suffering meted out against them; challenging the very core of their social, political, economic and moral fiber. Yet, it is thes
  • Right Turn
    The decision of the Nagaland State Cabinet agreeing in principal to constitute a State Commission for Women (SCW) should be welcomed as it will cover wide aspects of areas relating to the safeguard of women und
  • Circle of relearning
    When Columbus found himself in the ‘Turtle Island’ he believed he had reached India and insisted, despite knowledge to the contrary, that the people he encountered were Indians. This encounter elucidated by
  • For An Alternative Development?
    In recent times, consciences are being stirred, ethics are being taught, intense discussions are being generated and management is being learned. While the continuing violence to human condition and its environ
  • NPSC disqualified
    Just when the dust appeared to have settled over last years bribery scandal in the Nagaland Public Service Commission (NPSC) the premiere recruiting agency of the State has now admitted to ‘errors’ it had m
  • Politics of Underdevelopment
    Underdevelopment is not simply just the absence of development. It is created by current economic system which sucks resources from the villages to towns, from towns to cities and from developing counties to fi
  • In Development we trust?
    At long last we are realizing we have all this while been living in an interdependent world, and the need to live in a world without walls, which we have worked so hard to create. However, we are also faced wit
  • Out of Box
    The timing of French President Jacques Chirac’s three-day visit to India will no doubt deflect some of the criticism from the Opposition parties leveled against the UPA Government on India’s nuclear agreeme