• AIDS Education
    The decision of the Nagaland State AIDS Control Society (NSACS) to strategically involve educational institutions to combat HIV/AIDS and the formation of Red Ribbon Clubs in colleges as was deliberated upon dur
  • Border Vigil
    As the country fumbles for an answer to the 7/11 Mumbai blast, it is not a surprise that the northeast has emerged as an area of concern. According to Lieutenant General D B Shekhatkar, who commanded the IV Cor
  • Naga Hoho Mantle
    The Naga Hoho appears to be back slowly on its feet after a period of lull in which the apex tribal body has had quiet but serious and welcome deliberations on a wide range of issues including the election of a
  • The Monotheism of Force
    The ongoing cycle of counter-violence and human destruction in the Middle-East has once again put to task the complex issues surrounding the region and its relationship to the fundamental question of Force and
  • Universal Anti-Terror Plan
    U.S. President George W. Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Saturday the launch of a plan to combat the global threat of nuclear terrorism and invited other countries to join them. As per th
  • Walk the Peace Talk
    The outlawed United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) has insisted on the release of its five top leaders from jail to help it name its representatives to hold direct talks with the Government of India (GoI). It
  • G-8 Challenge
    Unlike the Group of Eight (G8) Summit held last year at Gleneagles in Scotland UK, which had focused on environmental and climate change issues besides aid to Africa, this year’s summit of the world’s most
  • Economic Freeway
    The consultative meeting held at Shillong, with the Planning Commission seeking the views of Chief Ministers of North Eastern states before finalizing the 11th five year plan should be seen as a step in the rig
  • Madrid, London, Mumbai, Next?
    The seven explosions that ripped through packed commuter trains during rush hour Tuesday in India’s commercial capital Mumbai killing close to 200 people and injuring scores, immediately conjures up images of
  • Limits of Patience
    When push comes to shove, there is bound to be resistance and the Nagas of Manipur has done just that albeit in a way that needs to be appreciated for the simple reason that they have chosen to protest within t
  • Greatness and Folly
    In what will undoubtedly go down as one of the greatest world cup finals of the modern era, Italy won its fourth World Cup title, by 5-3 in a penalty-kick shootout, after the score remained 1-1 through overtime
  • Ticket to ride
    Barely concealing its disapproval, the Naga Students Federation (NSF) has asked the Nagaland Government’s “Delegation” presently doing world cup duty in Germany to “come home fully equipped with sports
  • Tactical Yes
    The 16-2 margin of vote in the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee supporting the U.S.-Indian nuclear cooperation accord Thursday is a huge boost for the unprecedented deal arrived between US President
  • Compassion in Crisis
    Archbishop Tutu remarks that a nation divided during a repressive regime does not emerge suddenly united when the time of repression is passed … neither can anyone have the power to say ‘Let bygones be bygo
  • An interesting find
    A recent research has found that over-confident people are more likely to wage war but fare worse in the course of an ensuing battle. It suggests that ‘positive illusions’ may contribute to costly wars. Pet
  • Power Blight
    It is somewhat off the mark to say that “Political science is the father of modern politics” and even more ridiculous to suggest that “nameplates are the face of political leaders” as was stated by the
  • The Inconvenient Truth
    In times of conflict and political strife, Truth is conveniently stepped-over and becomes the first casualty, causing despair. Nonetheless, it does not however mean that the Truth has just simply vanished into
  • Road to Berlin
    All eyes will now be on the Semi-Final matches to be played between Germany and Italy on July 5 and the Portugal versus France game on July 8. Except for the Italy-Ukraine Quarterfinal match, which was won by a
  • Tiger’s Trail
    The desperate attempt being made by the LTTE to find allies at a time when it is fighting a losing battle with the Sri Lankan Army is not to be unexpected. With dwindling support for its cause and without any a
  • Road to Nowhere
    Forty-eight years ago in 1958, the Government of India enacted the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) as a measure to empower her armed forces in their war to militarily quell the Naga movement. The AFSPA,