• 500 years later
    Nobel Peace laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu described Bolivian President-elect Evo Morales as a man of “remarkable humility and warmth.” Clearly impressed by Morales, Tutu declares, “I can see why he won
  • Poverty Demoralizes
    While social and economic poverty has caused a serious threat to the survival of humankind, poverty of the mind has a demoralizing effect that questions the very existence of human life. Hence a question to pon
  • Political or Public Servant?
    The change of guard of Deputy Commissioners in the State Capital Kohima and in Dimapur, will be keenly watched as both the two aforementioned districts are high profile in terms of the administrative importance
  • New Year Resolutions?
    At the end of the year, we usually write piecemeal columns about the year: updates, reviews, highlight various events that form an important part of this exercise. Which are the most striking events that need a
  • Dead-Lock Mode; Push Play
    The period following the last round of Bangkok talks Post-December 16-17 has seen some development on the dialogue front, although it has to be said that there has been no qualitative improvement in the peace p
  • Tsunami Lesson
    The devastation caused by the Tsunami that killed some 200,000 people on December 26 last year has left an indelible mark of haunting memories following the death and destruction on an unprecedented scale. Add
  • State Funding Polls
    As underlined in a recent editorial in this column (En-cashing System, Friday, December 23 issue), the UPA Government at the Centre has now done the right thing by pulling out the seven-year old Indrajit Gupta
  • En-cashing System
    Elections to Parliament is still some time away but the concerns from various quarters over the recent bribery scams involving Members of Parliament has propelled to the fore once again the theme of electoral r
  • Plan Discipline
    The Annual Plan outlay for Nagaland for the year 2006-2007 was approved on December 19 at a meeting between the Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission, Montek Singh Ahluwalia and Chief Minister of Nagaland, Neiph
  • Taking Ownership
    Indigenous peoples make up 5% of the world’s population, occupy over 20% of the earth’s landmass, and pursue self-determination, which includes sovereignty, in all 73 countries in which they dwell. At a tim
  • Self-definition and Existence
    The State system that feeds upon power, domination and violence has displaced humanity from its center and pushed aside other forms of political, social and economic organization. This has resulted in the break
  • Oscar for the Nagas
    The signals emanating from Bangkok after the latest round of peace talks between the NSCN (IM) and the Government of India is welcome and augurs well for the eight year old peace process. The bonhomie mood on w
  • Behind the Mask
    Behind the façade of uniformity in every government or organization, there are real people with a wide spectrum of reasons for maintaining rank with the hierarchy of orders. Often these reasons have more to do
  • Team not Individual
    The uproar over former captain Sourav Ganguly’s omission from the final Test against Sri Lanka had led to a whole lot of shaking and off the field antics even before a single delivery was bowled. With the BCC
  • Forgiveness as Real Politik
    When Nelson Mandela became leader of the new South Africa, he not only forgave his white jailers and people responsible for the apartheid system, but also those who the people had every reason to consider as tr
  • Talking about Talk
    How should nations and peoples respond to issues of incompatible interest, pursuit over limited resources and underlying questions of self-determination? Perhaps, the problem is as ancient as human history. Evi
  • Fair Trade Deal
    Another round of talks is underway at the 6th World Trade Organization Ministerial Conference in Hong Kong with an air of cautious optimism prevailing as Trade Ministers from 149 member countries attempt to giv
  • State and JustPeace
    The realization of JustPeace cannot be achieved unless the dilemma of the State is adequately addressed within any political process of negotiation. This is fundamental since the State is a creation of a realit
  • Double Jeopardy
    The decision of the Nagaland Government to declare all the Saturdays of the months as Regular Holidays with effect from January 1, 2006 will no doubt bring cheer to the government employees. But how much it wil
  • Tryst with Destiny
    In a time of global push towards respecting universal rights and democratic values, the vindictive and barbarous system of death penalty or ‘state-sponsored murder’ continues unabated in countries such as t