• Democratic Conduit
    Being Members of Parliament and raising questions on the floor of the House is one of the basic functions expected of the political class in any parliamentary democracy. However the recent sting operation carri
  • I Choose…
    As the Sunday issue (December 11) of The Morung Express (both print and web editions) made its way into people’s home both across the State of Nagaland and beyond, a sense of awakening among cross section of
  • Will of the People
    In the course of human history, the myth surrounding ‘state sovereignty’ has been exposed, which has lived of its usefulness. This conclusion is only natural since the dominant discourse on state sovereignt
  • Tendulkar’s run-o-meter
    A true champion of many firsts, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar has added another gem to his innumerable cricketing collection by getting to another world record 35 Test Century. This particular feat may yet be his mos
  • Between Promise & Practice
    If human history is about human struggle, it can be said that nations and peoples are continuously striving to attain their dignity. In the process, human tribulations consist of a dichotomy where people are ei
  • Beyond Ceasefire & Talks
    As the next round of peace talks slated to take place at Bangkok for December 16 draws closer, a sense of apprehension has set in among the people who are now questioning the very logic of continuing with the c
  • Is human right possible?
    Notions and principles of self-worth and dignity have been the touchstone of human progression. Principles of human rights were elucidated as a common heritage and inherent right of all peoples and nations when
  • Youth Empowerment?
    Youths of the twenty-first century are faced with issues and challenges of global magnitude. Subsequently, sustainable solutions demand trans-national and cross-cultural dialogue. Issues involving AIDS, governa
  • Verdict-Out Natwar
    Wilting under mounting pressure, Union Minister ‘Without Portfolio’ K Natwar Singh, named by Volcker committee as a beneficiary of illegal payoffs in the Iraqi oil scam, has finally resigned from the Union
  • To drink or to be drunk
    The question on liquor prohibition is a topic that stimulates intense sentiments with clear demarcated positions. On one hand there are arguments with religious overtones on why prohibition should continue, on
  • Bharati Minus BJP
    Uma Bharati’s expulsion from the primary membership of BJP for indiscipline and anti-party activities was not unexpected given her deviant posture towards the party high command for sometime now. For the BJP
  • Surprise destroys Trust
    In situations of strife, trust is a comfort very few essentially find; yet without active participation of trust, a nation rarely grows into its fullest embodiment. In the midst of prevailing assumptions, suspi
  • Demography & Labor
    With the supposed onward march towards progress and development, Naga policy makers and their consultants have under compulsion initiated its course of action without having much control or ownership over it. T
  • Message from Kisama
    The Fifth Annual Hornbill Festival got off to yet another colorful start at the Naga Heritage Complex, Kisama Village on December 1 coinciding with the annual Statehood day. Extending the period of the festivit
  • Naga Renaissance
    As Nagaland today observes the 42nd Anniversary of its Statehood Day, an element of doubt has set in over the future course of the State’s polity. While there are countless number of challenges to be addresse
  • Beyond Beautiful
    As part of the culmination programme in commemorating the Year of Youth Empowerment, a string of beauty pageants are being held district wise for the final showdown at Kohima for the Miss Nagaland title to be h
  • Dialogue of the deaf
    Human failure to respond to the natural call for transformation indicates that they have lost their capacity to make relevant structural adjustments with change. In the process humans have become immune to the
  • Silencing the Truth
    Violence against journalists working in Nagaland though not as marked in other places does exist and the latest attack on Nagaland Post Kohima Correspondent Xavier Rutsa should not be easily brushed aside simpl
  • Stop the Blindness
    “Stop AIDS; Keep the Promise” the theme for World AIDS Day 2005 is strong indicator of the acknowledgement for a need in shifting the focal point against AIDS, from prevention to participation. UNAIDS estim
  • Numbness
    Recent conditions have unmasked the glaring numbness which is eating away the spirit of Naga society. It seems like the Nagas have come to a time where they have just stopped living, have become indifferent to