• Where NGOs reign
    Imkong Walling Nagaland, the past week, was swept up in a mix of excitement, reticence as well, surrounding the long-delayed elections to the Urban Local Bodies slated for June 26.The hectic public campaig
  • “Journey of Common Hope”
    Dr Asangba Tzudir In the tapestry of the Naga Political struggle is a beautiful pursuit - the pursuit of peace and reconciliation. It all began on 25th March 2008 with the coming together of 39 Naga organi
  • The strength of Human creativity
    AkangjunglaThe Governor’s Awards for various toppers, rank holders and achievers of HSLC and HSSLC Examinations 2024 was held in Kohima on Wednesday. During the function the Governor of Nagaland had encourage
  • The Challenges of Urbanization
    Dr Asangba TzudirUrbanization as a phenomenon is happening at a very rapid pace and because of a multiplicity of reasons like better livelihood facilities, education, communication, business and commerce, etc.
  • Note on a ‘historic’ victory
    Moa JamirPerhaps the most significant surprise of the 18th Lok Sabha general elections, aside from the evident setback for the BJP, was the Indian National Congress (INC) clinching the Lok Sabha Nagaland Parlia
  • Harnessing the power of Social Media
    Vishü Rita KrochaThe emergence of social media has dramatically changed the way we communicate with each other. Especially over the last decade, it has taken the world by storm. It is estimated that in 2024, o
  • PDA’s LS Debacle?
    Dr Asangba TzudirAs reported, the JDU Nagaland has demanded certain actions for what can be termed as “PDA’s LS debacle.” Branding it as a debacle may be agreeable considering the circumstances under whic
  • Covenanting for regaining nature
    AkangjunglaThe commemoration of World Environment Day in Nagaland has mostly centered on tree plantation and cleanliness drive. It has habitually been a few-hour event, not even a full day. This conversely does
  • The Role of the Third Sector
    Dr Asangba TzudirIn a society that comes with diverse political, cultural, social, religious and special interest groups, the ‘will of the citizens’ is integral to the enforcement of social norms towards th
  • All Eyes on June 4
    Moa JamirOn June 4, the nation's attention will be riveted on the vote counting for the 18th Lok Sabha elections, a marathon polling exercise that spanned 44 days across seven phases. This extensive proces
  • Remember dengue?
    Imkong WallingThe annual southwest monsoon is on in the northeast. It implies water for agriculture and respite from the summer heat. But the monsoon rains also bring with it the seasonal dengue, the impac
  • Land of Beggars
    Dr Asangba TzudirThe title may seem to present a not so scenic case of a land filled with street beggars, like a new sobriquet to be added to the “land of festivals.” But the roadside beggars may be compara
  • Pursuit to bear credible outcome
    AkangjunglaIn the pursuit of truth for the church, the debates and differences have become more apparent as its (church) internal discrepancies are becoming a public matter. People in Nagaland are not new to ha
  • Preparing for the Heat Wave
    Dr Asangba Tzudir The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has said that India’s rain-fed agri areas are likely to get above-normal monsoon rain this year, and which is good. But it has also forecast h
  • Nagaland ULB polls: No local chemistry?
    Moa JamirThe announcement of elections to Urban Local Bodies (ULB) in Nagaland has disrupted the so-called ‘opposition-less’ government, as three parties have broken rank and declared their intention to con
  • Respecting elders hallmark of Naga culture
    Vishü Rita KrochaTraditionally, Naga homes place great value in respecting elders. This is something that is ingrained in the Naga culture. It never had to be taught, but came almost naturally. “Respect” i
  • Philosophy in Nagaland
    Dr Asangba Tzudir Someone once said, “Philosophy is a dead subject.” The remark directly came with some kind of condemnation of the subject as irrelevant. However, looking at the status of the subject
  • Mental Health: Where to start?
    AkangjunglaMay is World Mental Health Awareness Month. The World Mental Health Awareness Month started in the United States in 1949 with the purpose to create awareness and educate the public about mental illne
  • The Coming ULB
    Dr Asangba TzudirThe stage is finally set for the conduct of the Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) election, to roll in the process of local administration and governance. Urban Local Bodies will be ‘responsibly burd
  • AI & Education Sector
    Moa JamirArtificial intelligence (AI), Encyclopædia Britannica defines, is the ability of a digital computer or computer-controlled robot to perform tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings. Among oth