• Beyond Proxy Teachers
    Moa JamirTackling Key Challenges in Nagaland's EducationEmployment in the government sector is a paradox in Nagaland. Most aspire to secure positions in the government sector, but once individuals achieve this
  • Preparing for the Climate Change
    Dr Asangba TzudirIssues related to climate change have been a much discussed topic at the global level especially in the context of its impact on the global world. This is also in the context of how the world f
  • State and religion
    Imkong WallingOne of the defining characteristics of India, the country, has been its foundational democratic structure, implying not only a multi-party electoral democracy but also one that steers clear of rel
  • From Monologue to Dialogue
    One reason why Nagas in recent times find themselves in a perpetual state of arrestation is because of the manner in which ‘monologue’ has become so embedded into the ethos of daily life. Indeed the healthy
  • A silent struggle
    Imlisanen JamirPicture a world where everyone experiences the challenges of migraine. The atmosphere in stores would shift, with subdued lighting to ease sensitivities. Bars would resonate with hushed melodies,
  • End of Sting?
    Moa JamirRollout of Malaria Vaccine offers hopeThe initiation of the world's inaugural routine vaccine program against malaria on January 22 in Cameroon marks a significant stride in the battle against this lif
  • Pillars of Quality Education
    Dr Asangba TzudirThe progress and advancement which humankind has made over the centuries is because of education. Being the foundational stone of a society, it brings reforms, helps progress and creates variou
  • ASER Lessons for Nagaland
    Moa JamirThe Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) for 2023 paints a comprehensive picture of educational and learning outcomes in Nagaland. While there are commendable achievements surpassing national trend
  • Reinforce FMR
    Imti Longchar                                                        
  • Beyond Memories
    Imlisanen JamirIn the fast-paced world of the 21st century, where progress is often measured by technological advancements and economic prosperity, the significance of nostalgia often takes a backseat. However,
  • The mental health ‘mission’
    AkangjunglaMental health crisis is prevalent everywhere. It is a grave concern as health professionals are sounding alarm. It is heartrending to observe that much of the misconceptions regarding mental begins w
  • Transformative Change
    Dr Asangba Tzudir The need for a ‘transformative change’ was the highlight of the recent meeting of the Naga Apex bodies and Church coming under the banner of the forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) to
  • Puts words into action
    Moa JamirOn Nagaland Sports PolicyBased on the promises and commitments made by those in leadership positions over the years, Nagaland appears to be in the process of developing the most comprehensive 'sports p
  • Happy-go-lucky
    Imkong Walling Nagaland, by and large, has been and continues to be characterised by paradoxes. Paradoxes that range from the downright absurd to the wretchedly complex— from swanky cars not relative to
  • We’re missing libraries
    Imlisanen JamirNavigating a society with limited access to libraries poses challenges, but there are strategies and initiatives that can help address the gaps in information access, promote learning, and foster
  • Unlocking Nagaland’s tourism potential
    AkangjunglaThe growing popularity of Hornbill Festival among the Indians as well as international tourist seems to be slowly making way for the skeptical and doubtful lot to be optimistic about the growth of To
  • The Question of Isolated Prohibition
    Dr Asangba TzudirA research paper on the IMFL black economy put forth certain arguments to show that prohibition cannot exist in isolation saying that prohibition is not the solution and which only drives buyer
  • Take categorical stance on FMR
    “Longwa Village: One of the largest villages in Mon district, this is a highly interesting place. The Angh’s house here lies half in India and half in Myanmar. Even though the village lies in two countries,
  • Praxis of Education is based on Truth, Morality and Technique
    The conceptual framework and ideology of the modern State that emerged through the Treaty of Westphalia had a profound effect on education, its institutions and systems, which in turn influenced the dynamics of
  • Relevant journalism in the age of social media
    AkangjunglaIn a room of full of college graduates and young aspiring professionals, a question was thrown to understand their knowledge about media in the news perspective.  The question was ‘what comes