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  • The end of the twentieth-century tyrants And the dawn of the multinational giants
    He called himself the King of Kings, but now he is dead. For anyone with a sense of justice, a world without Colonel Muammar Gaddafi is something to savour.As the patron of the Provisional IRA, the Red Brigades
  • Adopt sanitation, hygiene and clean water for healthy living
    After India's most celebrated Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan becoming the brand ambassador for Geneva-based Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC), now Indian cricket players are to promote sa
  • All About Dengue Fever
    Dengue fever is a viral infection   spread to human beings by the bite of a specific mosquito ‘CULICINE’, belonging to the gene ‘Aedes’. Otherwise commonly it is known  as
  • Making migration an informed choice
    Nearly 30 million people in the Asia Pacific region were displaced by environmental disasters in 2010. Given the inevitability of increased migration caused by climate change, humanitarian assistance and legal
  • Steve Jobs turned smallest of ideas into life-changing products
    It's a well-worn cliche to speak of the end of an era when someone well known has passed away. Today, however, it does feel like something has changed forever in the world of tech. The brilliance and clarity of
  • Can Freelancing become an Employment Option in Nagaland?
    Do you remember those nights when you had text books opened on the desk, but you dreamed of graduating college and securing a high profile job? I’m most certain it wasn’t an easy task. Well, at leas
  • From New York State to Nagaland
    Spurred by curiosity, Heather Layton and Brian Bailey set off from Rochester, NY., last December to visit a place around the world about which they knew almost nothing.Nagaland is a state located in North Easte
  • Through Fields of Fire
    Two Nagaland villages are faced with catastrophic environmental consequences in the wake of a two decade-old oil spillage from oil fields left abandoned by the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC). Vi
  • An evening in Khonoma
    Again I was bitten by the travel bug. After more than a year, I could not resist my desire to explore an unknown place in Nagaland. North east India treasures its most fascinating places with rough terrain, hos
  • The Long Road to Reconciliation & Nation Building
    Naga people determined to live as free people even after the departure of the Bristishers when the later left the Asia sub-continent after the 2nd World War. The conscious determination, will power, die-heart b
    Fruits of all shapes, sizes and colours abounds in Nagaland both in the wild and nurtured orchards and backyards of homes in the towns and villages. However apples are a rarity and most people in the State do n
  • Globalization & the problem of identities in the NE with special reference to the Nagas
    In this paper, I would like to examine globalization as a concept as well as a fact. i.e. a synthesis of both conceptual and empirical enquiries. Different religions of the world have the basic message about th
  • Bye Bye Baichung Bhutia…
    THE STADIUM was a blur of painted faces, shirtless men wildly dancing around open fires with the occasional flare shooting into the sky. Draped in green and maroon, the large man slowly stood up. He paused to l
  • The Significance of Mongmong Festival
    The Sangtams have about 12 festivals spread all over the Calendar Year with feasting, dance, and music built around the community life of the people. Except certain gennas, all the festivals are concerned with
  • A Forgotten Sacrifice
    Ever since the Indo-Naga conflict erupted in the early 1950s thousands and thousands of Nagas have perished. Many of these perished at the hands of the enemy – the Indian army, while many perished in the
  • Staying On Track & Pursuing Dreams
    When I was a school student and yet to appear my matriculation exam, I was told that the first challenge one faces academically, is getting across the 10th standard barrier, as this exam will set the pace for t
    India's most prominent anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare sits on fast at Ramlila ground, with a backdrop of a portrait of Mahatma Gandhi in New Delhi, Friday, Aug. 19. (AP Photo) “Let us dig the r
  • Challenging the architecture of human relations
    Deniz Kandiyoti: As the driving force behind the Women’s Learning Partnership and Sisterhood is Global, you clearly have confidence in the efficacy of transnational women's networks in promoting womenR
  • New trends in employment
    Analysts are still assessing the implications of Key Indicators emerging from the National Sample Survey Organisation’s (NSSO’s) employment survey relating to 2009-10. Their effort has been made mor
  • Euthanasia: a good thing?
    Does public prejudice condemn many to unnecessarily prolonged and painful deaths? Thomas Ash considers the philosophical arguments for and against Terry Pratchett’s harrowing and extraordinary documentary