• Only the Holy Spirit brings true revival
    Organized by the Boro Baptist Church Association, the 32nd Revival Crusade was held at Rikum Memorial School Ground, Borpothar near Tokrajhar under the theme: “…Lord, revive us again” from Nov
  • A wedding planner’s mission in life
    In this wedding season, wedding planner Miss Tasang Imchen is a harried lady who wishes she has more time on her hands. Proprietor of ‘Wedding Pathways’ – a house that looks after every aspect
  • The true meaning of ADVENT
    Advent is a season in the Christian calendar preceding Christmas and also means Second Coming, the return of Jesus to Earth in Christian belief.What comes to your mind when you think of Christmas?To many, Chris
  • Christianity Is Life, Not A Religion
    Relevance for the NagasIn the first place, the purpose of this article has no any intention to attack or quash the validity of other faiths. The author’s intention is to uphold biblical faith which does n
  • Classic Act of the Elite
    The acts of social discrimination has become a trend and the doers of it are the leaders of our nation. It is sad that these elected representatives of the people has not only become a blot to the democracy of
  • How to trust God when going through difficult times
    I’d like to share with you some reflections from Andrea Mayes, an amazing woman in my church who has had to deal with a great number of difficulties. Andrea wrote these words several years ago and still h
  • The Prince of Peace: Shalom
    PEACE is the most common, familiar word for everyone all over the world; it is the desire and cry of every human heart and soul to enjoy PEACE. First page of daily news always talk about peace; some say peace m
  • How to Win ANY Battle in Life
    You’ve tried it your way and failed. Don’t give up! Choose to stay in the game and see how God even takes our mistakes and builds them into our greatest victories.How many times have we heard this o
  • Enemy of our Nation
    The wars we fought and the battles we won are all recorded in the history of our nation. In the past when our land was invaded by foreigners, the invaders got the better of us as they conquered most of our terr
  • Can a baby be born of the Holy Spirit coming upon a virgin?
    Can a girl raped by a Holy Spirit give birth to a Child? This is an issue fundamental in Christianity.This writer use the word ‘rape’ to make the issue real and near to the Nagas as our Society toda
  • 19th Thanksgiving...
    Missiological Research Center observed its 19th Thanksgiving cum foundation day on November 16 with Rev Vilodi Sakhrie, pastor Town Baptist Church, Dimapur as the guest speaker. Rev Wati Longkumer, director Nag
    ‘Watch a man play an hour’s time and you can tell who he is’.To bring change is not easy but a process that needs your extra efforts. Many leaders are too traditional to accept the tool of spo
  • Rely On God
    During the holidays my family traveled to London, England, for a vacation. The trip was an analogy of a much more important journey each of us is on--fulfilling God’s plan for his or her life.For one thin
  • GOD is not DOG
    Interrogative introduction: What comes to your mind when you see here - God and Dog in an associating mood? To be a good follower of God we need to be inquisitive:  Am I ‘strong believer’ in Go
  • Group from Nagaland on holy land tour
    The holy land tour team in the premises of the Church of the Beatitudes, where Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount as recorded in the gospel of Mathew in the Bible, on November 4, 2011 Friday, at Tabgha, Israel.
  • Faithful fathering:The father’s role in a Christian home
    Albert Einstein said, “Try not to be come a man of success but rather try to become a man of value.” With a deep breath in his lungs and a firm grasp on his courage, Mark is about to take on the big
  • When bad things happen to good people
    One of life’s most perplexing mysteries is why bad things happen to good people. We have all heard the stories of how the most dedicated teenager in the church was abruptly killed in an automobile acciden
  • No churches left in Afghanistan - US State Department
    The US State Department has reported that there is not one Christian church or school left in Afghanistan.The absence of Christian churches and schools exists despite the decade-long war the United States has b
  • Don’t Let Your Pulpit Be Defiled
    Visiting ministers can be a great blessing to any church. But if you don’t do your homework, you could be inviting disaster.A friend of mine recently told me that the leaders of a ministry invited a promi
  • Your People!
    Taliakum Pongen is a PH. D Research Scholar in linguistics at the English & Foreign Language University, Hyderabad. He has a burden to reach out to the intellectuals with the Gospel and interested in apolog