• The Inner Life of the Church
    R C Chiten JamirSCRIPTURE: Acts 2 : 41-47In these verses we have a pattern for the whole dispensation of what the Church should be like. If we ask the question: What should our local Church be like? – the ans
  • The Broken Hearted Father
    Kedo PeseyieMany years back I remember sitting in a church service listening to a sharing of a broken hearted father who was also a deacon in the church.  The father was a very upright man, impeccable in h
  • Living a true Christian life
    Mrs. EmiToday’s world is filled with so much evil, hatred and bitterness against one another that the common man has lost their moral sense of duty and also love for one another. Man in his search for his hap
  • This Great Omission Could Be Our Undoing
    Kedo Peseyie“Mission is the heartbeat of God.” We have heard that many times from our pulpits, in the missions’ newsletter and in books.  Today the paradigm of doing missions may have changed and the
  • The Cross
    Sentilong OzukumThe Cross is the universal symbol of Christianity. Can we turn any direction without seeing one? It is there perched atop a Church. It is there buried or carved into a graveyard stone. You hit t
  • Relationships
    Kedo PeseyieThere is a theme that runs through the Bible connecting all the books: the theme is Right Relationships.   Whether it is our relationship with material things, money, ourselves or people, we kn
  • A Quest for God of Life
    Z. K. Pahrii PouBTC, PfutseroIntroduction: We are living in a world of increasing violence where life seems to have little or no value at all. Those who destroy life ought to be condemned but they appear most o
  • Rethinking our approach to discipleship
    Kedo PeseyieI have often heard people preaching on certain principles of leadership, or ten essentials of discipleship, or four sure ways to fire up your spiritual life, etc. I often think they are only fine wa
  • If justice is failing judgment will follow
    Rev. Dr.V.K.NuhAmos, the 8th Century Prophet emphatically declared specific message to Israel through two Hebrew words- (Mispet) Justice, (Sedaqa) Righteousness. The rich enjoyed an indolent and indulgent
  • Whatever happened to Conviction of Sin and Regeneration
    Kedo PeseyieOne of the most important elements of evangelical piety is the conviction of sin.  Today evangelicals are known not so much for their theology, but for their pragmatism and emphasis on personal
  • The unassuming tentmakers
    Kedo Peseyie“My grandparents are coming over this weekend and I am excited and nervous. I have been praying for an opportunity to share the Gospel with my family members and I feel this would be the best oppo
  • My experience with the youth of today
    Kedo PeseyieTo write about one’s experience with the youth of today is not a simple exercise.  We do not live in a simple society anymore, but in many ways, I believe it is a complex one with all the des
  • Christian Mission?: High time to revive
    Our society today is overwhelmed by the problem of HIV/AIDS. While there is a struggle to stop the pandemic of our days, the issue of Stigma and discrimination has become the most serious problem. The situation
  • ‘Faith’ versus Faith
    Kedo Peseyie“Faith” versus Faith is a concept which Francis Schaeffer explains in his book “He Is There And He Is Not Silent”. Some fifty or hundred years back if you were to use the word “God”, you
  • When God seems miles away
    Y. Khomong Khiamniungan, Tsemhuk VillageI have a faith that this simple message can reach the hearts of those who are in deep trouble water, tired, distress, pain, sorrow, prison, bereaved, orphaned exhausted s
  • The Story of Pots and Churches
    Kedo PeseyieIn a small hut where a potter made his home and workshop, there were always several pots ready for sale, and many others already in use by the household of the potter.  Everyone was always busy
  • My surrogate life and your conscience
    Kedo PeseyieHi, you don’t know me and I don’t know you. The problem is that I don’t even know myself right now. I don’t have a name or a voice yet, and I am not even sure whether one day I will have a n
  • The View from Above
    Kedo PeseyieMr. Caleb was an ordinary office-goer. But unlike the others he was rather regular and usually on time.  On a regular working day he would set out for office at half past nine.  Strictly s
  • My colourful world
    Kedo PeseyieIt is not always easy to describe a thing of beauty by using words.  But often it is harder to make a person understand a thing of beauty by showing him or her that thing of beauty.  I wil
  • Deep thoughts of the day on the present Nagaland scenario
    Eno Imti JohnPolitical:1.    Let us turn to our God, the giver of freedom and everything. Let us first patch up the differences in our homeland.2.    If the Nagas are ind