• The Theology of Enough
    Kedo PeseyieIn both sides of the national highway 39 lies green fields, beautiful landscape and colourful birds, captivating enough to take your minds off the many traps of modern technology, the race for the m
  • What is true gospel?
    P. KhupfühWe are living in a day when false gospels are proliferating; we see many false gospels around us. Now we are living in final Tribulation, during this later rain or the final harvest we should be very
  • Meren’s last day at College
    Kedo PeseyieIt was a beautiful morning. The sun was already up for some time now but Meren is still in bed. It was not like his first day in College when he got up at 5:00 am to get dressed. Today is his l
  • Christianity means new life
    Rev. L Suohie MhasiThe power of the resurrected Christ is such that through faith in him old things are gone and all things become new according to the epistle of the apostle Paul (2 Corinthians 5:17). It is bo
  • I will always call him my father
    Kedo PeseyieIt was on a rainy, windswept May evening, the jeep sped toward home.  The man in the jeep was eager to get home after a hard day’s work.  And then, tragedy struck.  In a deadly curv
  • Justification: Salvation is by grace and sustained by grace
    “23-For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,24-and are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.” -Romans 3:23-34Kedo PeseyieI look back at the early yea
  • Prayer and Repentance
    Kedo PeseyieMatt. 3: 8. “Produce fruits in keeping with repentance”.This article about prayer and repentance was published in a shorter version and in another title last year.  But today being the glob
  • Bible a basic NEED
    Dr. Thamsing D. LamkangWhen I was in school my teacher’s taught me about human needs; men has 3 daily basic needs; food, cloth and shelter. After 25 years, when I first entered intoGod’s ministry, I realize
  • And that’s why I love my Church
    Kedo PeseyieThis young man was dynamic and zealous. He was sitting opposite me in my room that morning.  He is an active member of his church.  He is the kind of person who will never turn away from h
  • A relationship with your Bible
    Kedo PeseyieFirstly I would like to propose that reading is a very important aspect of discipleship. Of course, there are some illiterates who can make the most of their circumstances by seeking to learn all th
  • Honest Spirituality
    Kedo PeseyieA few years ago I was part of the editorial team of a small Christian newsletter. Few weeks after we released the third issue we received an e-mail from one of our readers who preferred to remain an
  • The God of small things
    Kedo PeseyieWith due respect and apology to Arundhati Roy, I would like to borrow the title of her book. I have read only few pages of this book. And in those pages I saw how she captures every minute detail of
  • What about the other six days?
    Kedo PeseyieIn the recent months there have been a lot of deliberations and verdicts on the issue of Sunday as a day of rest especially relating to economic activities. It is not the purpose of this article to
  • If AIDS cannot be cured, Church can heal
    Aien AierHIV / AIDS has become vast and a complex phenomenon in the world today. The society of our time has fragmented and has affected the system of our time and society from its normal functioning. It destab
  • What is Heaven really like?
    Kedo PeseyieThe common understanding of Heaven is that in Heaven we are going to be singing praises forever and ever. One worship leader even went as far as saying that we are going to be doing praise & wor
  • Wake up! Naga Christians
    On 7th of April 2006 the infamous Dharma Swatantrata (religious freedom) Bill was passed by BJP Govt. headed by Chief Minister Vasundhara Rae Scindia in Rajasthan. The Congress and CPI(M) MLAs staged a walk-out
  • Because He Lives
    Kedo PeseyieThe resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is the single most important event recorded in the Gospels.  Paul said in 1 Corinthians 15:12-19, that if Christ is not raised from the dead, then
  • The King, the donkey and I
    Kedo PeseyieJust in case you are wondering, the sequence in the title  of this article is not in order of importance.   As long as you keep the King in the first place, you are free to swap the donkey
  • Reflections on Jesus and the Donkey: A Triumphal Entry?
    Rev Rebecca What exactly is the meaning of Palm Sunday? We know the simple facts: Jesus arrived in Jerusalem and asked his disciples to bring him a foal, the colt of a donkey to ride upon into the gates of
  • The Valley of the Kukalims revisited
    Kedo PeseyieEver since I wrote about my experience with the Kukalims, the wooden race, some readers have been wondering if there will be more stories from the Dzubü valley.  My first visit to this enchant