• Christians and Alcohol
    My pastor shared on Facebook yesterday an article on Christians and alcohol that made me uncomfortable. Not because the Holy Spirit was convicting me, but because, in my opinion, lacked grace and it killed actu
  • Preaching the word of God effectively: A Reflection
    We love to listen to dynamic preachers preach on any topic. Though they preach long, it’s just like a short time. But, if the preaching is tedious or boring, we are not interested in listening. If the pre
    Everyone claims to be a Christian today.  At least in Nagaland.  Yet when faced with a great crisis or a strong temptation, we easily give in to the pressures.  We conveniently forget we are Chri
  • Christmas with a Difference
    In a world of business and entertainment, the secular world does better in celebration. I don’t need to tell you that this season is the best for business world. Look at the advertisement world—they
  • December Dazzle
    “Of the Father’s love begotten, ere the worlds began to be,He is Alpha and Omega, He the source, the ending Heof the things that are, that have beenand that future years shall see, evermore and ever
  • Christ the Hope of a Blessed Time
    When That Day Comes…In the Pre-Christian Judaism, the concept of the coming of the messiah was held in highest regard. Many prophets spoke of the day of Yahweh; Isaiah, Zephaniah (3.9), Zechariah (9.9), M
  • Christmas The Mighty Littleness
    Christmas – the very word warms and balms our hearts, bringing in the same warm feeling we had as children, the same warmth that wraps our hearts and our surroundings. It weaves a spell of nostalgia in ou
    Putting to use the gift and talent of graphic design and photography (L) I will prevent pests from devouring your crops, and the vines in your fields will not cast their fruit,” says the LORD Almight
    In a simple truth Advent Christmas (or Pre-Christmas) simply means ‘waiting or expecting’ by preparing one self. Advent is a reminder for our spiritual preparation to get renewed or recharged, while
  • Wedding Ring and Veil
    Its significance for Christian Marriage Introduction: Our society is becoming a ‘thought-squeezed-society’ where there is very little or no space given for thinking to live a reasonable life. W
  • Jonah’s lesson in the fish college
    Indeed, it is not a wonder that scores of people, after clearing their P.U., hunt for admission in reputed Colleges, such as St. Stephen College, Lady Shri Ram College, Hindu College, St. Xavier College, Presid
  • Only the Holy Spirit brings true revival
    Organized by the Boro Baptist Church Association, the 32nd Revival Crusade was held at Rikum Memorial School Ground, Borpothar near Tokrajhar under the theme: “…Lord, revive us again” from Nov
  • A wedding planner’s mission in life
    In this wedding season, wedding planner Miss Tasang Imchen is a harried lady who wishes she has more time on her hands. Proprietor of ‘Wedding Pathways’ – a house that looks after every aspect
  • The true meaning of ADVENT
    Advent is a season in the Christian calendar preceding Christmas and also means Second Coming, the return of Jesus to Earth in Christian belief.What comes to your mind when you think of Christmas?To many, Chris
  • Christianity Is Life, Not A Religion
    Relevance for the NagasIn the first place, the purpose of this article has no any intention to attack or quash the validity of other faiths. The author’s intention is to uphold biblical faith which does n
  • Classic Act of the Elite
    The acts of social discrimination has become a trend and the doers of it are the leaders of our nation. It is sad that these elected representatives of the people has not only become a blot to the democracy of
  • How to trust God when going through difficult times
    I’d like to share with you some reflections from Andrea Mayes, an amazing woman in my church who has had to deal with a great number of difficulties. Andrea wrote these words several years ago and still h
  • The Prince of Peace: Shalom
    PEACE is the most common, familiar word for everyone all over the world; it is the desire and cry of every human heart and soul to enjoy PEACE. First page of daily news always talk about peace; some say peace m
  • How to Win ANY Battle in Life
    You’ve tried it your way and failed. Don’t give up! Choose to stay in the game and see how God even takes our mistakes and builds them into our greatest victories.How many times have we heard this o
  • Enemy of our Nation
    The wars we fought and the battles we won are all recorded in the history of our nation. In the past when our land was invaded by foreigners, the invaders got the better of us as they conquered most of our terr