• Great is he who serves
    Kuolachalie SeyieThe basic trouble with us today is that it is our human nature to want to do as little as possible and to get as much as possible to achieve our personal goals leading to all kinds of corruptio
  • Theodicies: The Problem of Evil
    Liba HopesonBTC, PfütseroAs we grapple with the taint of corruption in this perverse generation, we also wrestle with the host of evil forces which relentlessly assail us, although we are not conscious about i
  • Humility - The Prerequisite for a Peaceful Society (Philippians 2: 1-11)
     Z K Pahrii PouJust imagine how would you react, if the President of USA who is considered to be the most powerful man on earth, were to come and wash your feet this afternoon? From faraway place, he would
  • Baptist Church in Nagaland (QUO VADIS)
    Dr.L.M.MurryChairman, Okotsoe Mission Society                                              &nbs
  • Chathe prayer centre: A perfect place for soul searching
    Yupangnenla LongkumerFar from the madding crowd surrounded by lush fields and hills looking down, lies Chathe Christian Prayer Centre on the banks of Chathe River; a perfect place for soul searching. Christians
  • Nagas and Religious Tolerance
    Today the term religion has to be used so cautiously because many people spread hatred in the name of religion, forgetting that the basic essence of every religion is love. I am not an authority on religious ma
  • Human ethics of relationship
    Human ethics of relationship with God and with humankind- “Know God, Believe in Him, Fear Him and Obey Him- Love your neighbors as yourself- Do to others what you will have others do to you,” are the only b
  • A Reflection on Prosperity Gospel: Give and Receive
    Liba Hopeson | BTCGiving is an important obligation for human beings to do. God commands and encourages us to give to Him and people generously. He loves a person who gives ungrudgingly. So, we preach and teach
  • NBCC’s Miqlat ministry reaching out to downtrodden
    Visitors were seen thronging the NBCC’s Miqlat ministry’s stall located at the secretariat’s driveway. The stall is displaying many products including greetings cards for any occasions, soaps, candles, de
  • How did persecution shape the early Church?
    The studying of early Church history is a momentous event. Through this study I would like to bring out the impact of persecution in the beliefs and practices of early Church. For our deeper understanding I wil
  • God and Events: A message to the Naga people
    Late Mr Yajen AierEvery nation is guided by one important person—‘God’ and the other current is ‘Events’. If you look at everything through the chain of human history, it is awe-inspiring…for exampl
  • Easter, Nagas and Life in Fullness
    Fr. Kokto KurianThe great feast of Easter reminds the simplest truth about Christ’s active presence in the world. No matter what the reality is – joy or sadness, happiness or pain – Jesus Christ is still
  • The Christian Celebration of Palm Sunday
    Rev. Fr. Stephen TouthangPalm Sunday is one of the most important Christian feasts that falls on the Sunday before Easter and marks the beginning of Holy Week, the week of events leading up to Jesus’ death. T
  • Was the world created or it just formed into existence?
    Thepfulhouvi SoloFor most Christians in Nagaland, whether the world was Created or has Evolved into existence is of not much consequences in their belief in GOD, but for some highly educated Christians in the c
  • Human ethics towards God
    L. Suohie  MhasiHumankind  without  relationship  with  the  Creator  and  Lord  of  the  heaven  and  the  earth  is  a  mer
  • Moving closer to God
    Filip SumiHundreds of youth members attended the first day of the Dimapur Sumi Baptist Church Youth Revival which began Friday evening under the theme, “Let us go closer to God.”Youngsters were seen being a
  • The chariots of fire
    The film “Chariots of Fire” is one of my favorite movies of all time! I love the story-line that develops from different motivational forces of the Olympic runners during the early 19th Century. On one side
  • I am not ashamed of the church
    We hear people say that our churches are full of hypocrites. I too agree. But it is the beauty of the church that hypocrites and all twisted people are still welcome. Our churches also have the best people that
    The world today, we can simply say that ‘the love of money’ seems to destroy everything, no doubt about it. Politics is good for many reasons but when the politicians try to muscle their power through money
  • The Nature & Season cry out for Christ
    The advent of Christianity is a great event in the history of Nagas and when our forefathers made a covenant with Christ, we become blessed. Through this covenant Nagas have progressed over the years and despit