• COVID-19 brain complications found across the globe: Lancet
    London, July 9 (IANS) Cases of brain complications linked to Covid-19 are occurring across the globe, according to a new study, published in the journal The Lancet Neurology.   According to the researchers from the University of Liverpool in the UK, Covid-19 has been associated mostly with problems like difficulty breathing, fever and cough.   However, as the pandemic has continued, it has become increasingly clear that other problems can occur in patients. These
  • Chef Sanjeev Kapoor: Home-cooking is the healthiest cooking
    New Delhi, July 9 (IANSlife) Indian home-cooking saw the turn of a new leaf when celebrity chefs like Sanjeev Kapoor created lip-smacking recipes on a unique format of cooking shows on television. With the stay-at-home orders infusing new energy into the country's home kitchens, the celebrated chef and Padma Shri recipient feels happy seeing people cook at home.   "Home-cooking is the healthiest cooking. Even when people cook so-called junk food, I advise cooking it
  • Covid-19: Airborne transmission can't be ruled out, says WHO
    Geneva, July 8 (IANS) The World Health Organization (WHO) has acknowledged there is emerging evidence that the Novel coronavirus can be spread by tiny particles suspended in the air.   The airborne transmission could not be ruled out in crowded, closed or poorly ventilated settings, an official said, the BBC reported on Wednesday.   If the evidence is confirmed, it may affect guidelines for indoor spaces.   An open letter from more than 200 scientists h
  • HCQ has become highly politicised in US but India uses it widely: WH
    New Delhi, July 8 (PTI): The use of hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus patients has become highly politicized in the United States but it is used widely in India, a top White House official has said, asserting latest research showed the malaria drug is highly effective in early stages of COVID-19.      "It's the politicisation of this medicine by the mainstream media and portions of the medical community that somehow made this a battle between Preside
  • Mylan to launch Remdesivir@Rs 4,800 a vial
    New Delhi, July 7 (ANI): Global pharmaceutical major Mylan has got approval for its remdesivir from the Drug Controller General of India and will launch a generic version of Gilead Sciences' COVID-19 anti-viral in the country at Rs 4,800 for 100 mg/vial. The drug will be launched under the brand name Desrem in India and will be available to patients later this month at about 80 per cent below the price tag for wealthy nations, the company said.   The approval for re
  • 8 in 10 Indians think satisfaction of life would make them live longer
    New Delhi, July 6 (IANS) How happy are Indians? What makes people happy? How do they define happiness? At a time when the world is suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic and India is turning into one of the worst-hit countries, everyone is looking for reasons to be happy, a reason to smile.   Amid the pandemic, CVoter continues to track the parameters of happiness among Indians and has conducted a survey to understand what makes people happy.   Not so surprisingly,
  • 'Aug 15 for COVID-19 vaccine launch unfeasible'
    New Delhi, July 6 (PTI): The Indian Academy of Sciences, a Bengaluru-based body of scientists, has said the Indian Council for Medical Research's  target to launch a coronavirus vaccine by August 15 is "unfeasible" and "unrealistic".   The IASc said while there is an unquestioned urgent need, vaccine development for use in humans requires scientifically executed clinical trials in a phased manner.   While administrative approvals can b
  • Don't let your 50s stop you from being fit and fabulous
    New Delhi, July 5 (IANSlife) In an endeavour to stay healthy and build an immunity during the Covid-19 pandemic, people all over India have a heightened sense of awareness with regards to their fitness. The importance of staying active and engaging in some form of exercise is at the top of everyone's mind.   Individuals across various age groups have adopted virtual ways of accessing fitness and are working out from home, in a bid to get healthy and focus on overall well
  • 'Coronavirus is airborne': Over 200 scientists write to WHO
    The World Health Organization has long held that the coronavirus is spread primarily by large respiratory droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes.   New Delhi, July 6 (PTI): More than 200 scientists from 32 nations have written to the World Health Organization, saying there is evidence that the coronavirus is airborne and even smaller particles can infect people, a significant departure from the United Nations health agency's claims so far that COVID-19 is spr
  • WHO halts hydroxychloroquine, HIV drugs in COVID trials after failure to reduce death
    GENEVA, July 5 (Reuters) - The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Saturday that it was discontinuing its trials of the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine and combination HIV drug lopinavir/ritonavir in hospitalised patients with COVID-19 after they failed to reduce mortality.   The setback came as the WHO also reported more than 200,000 new cases globally of the disease for the first time in a single day. The United States accounted for 53,213 of the total 212,326 new case
  • Morning walk key to good night's sleep after heart bypass surgery
    London, July 5 (IANS) Just half an hour of morning walk can help heart bypass surgery patients get a sound sleep at night, says a study.   "Many patients have trouble sleeping after heart bypass surgery," said study author Hady Atef of Cairo University, Egypt.   "When this persists beyond six months it exacerbates the heart condition and puts patients at risk of having to repeat the surgery. It is therefore of utmost importance to find ways to impro
  • ICMR defends timeline for coronavirus vaccine trials
    MUMBAI, July 4 (Reuters) - India's leading clinical research agency said Saturday its decision to fast-track development of a potential coronavirus vaccine was in line with international standards, after health experts raised concerns about the schedule for clinical trials.   The Indian Council of Medical Research issued a statement after a letter was leaked on Friday showing ICMR Director General Balram Bhargava as saying the agency "envisaged" launch of the v
  • Scientists urge caution over launch of Covid vaccine by Aug 15
    'We must not compromise with the standard, the quality. We don't need to be the first to launch a drug but what we need is a Made in India vaccine that the entire world can rely on' New delhi, July 4 (PTI): India's COVID-19 vaccine programme has gained sudden traction but it is imperative to strike a balance between giving it high priority and rushing into a process that takes months, even years, several scientists said on Saturday, a day after the Indian Council of
  • How Covid-19 virus damages the endocrine system
    Colombo, July 4 (IANS) Researchers have revealed that people with endocrine disorders may see their condition worsen as a result of Covid-19.   The virus that causes Covid-19 binds to the ACE2 receptor, a protein which is expressed in many tissues.   This allows the virus to enter endocrine cells and cause the mayhem associated with the disease   "We explored the previous SARS outbreak caused by the very similar virus SARS-CoV-1 to advise endocrino
  • ICMR aims to launch COVID-19 vaccine by Aug 15
    New Delhi, July 3 (PTI): Aiming to launch an indigenous COVID-19 vaccine by August 15, the Indian Council of Medical Research has written to select medical institutions and hospitals to fast-track clinical trial approvals for the vaccine candidate Covaxin being developed in collaboration with Bharat Biotech.   12 clinical trial sites have been identified at present and the apex health research body has asked the medical institutions and principal investigators to ensure that
  • Women with high BP during pregnancy susceptible to heart disease
    London, July 3 (IANS) Women who experience high blood pressure during pregnancy are more likely to develop heart disease and heart failure in later life, warn researchers.   Published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, the study found that women who experienced high blood pressure during their first pregnancy were at 45 per cent higher risk of overall cardiovascular disease.   "When we looked at all the available research, the answer was clear:
  • WHO: Covid-19 hitting livelihoods, causing anxiety, stress
    New Delhi, July 2 (IANS) A senior official of the World Health Organization (WHO) has said that the global Covid-19 pandemic has hit the lives and livelihoods of the people, besides causing fear and depression in them.   "Besides hitting lives and livelihoods, the pandemic is causing fear, anxiety, depression and stress among the people. Social distancing, isolation and coping with perpetually evolving and changing information about the virus have both triggered and agg
  • Managing allergies during Covid-19
    New Delhi, July 2 (IANSlife) In this unprecedented ?global crisis, health should be a top priority. With the onset of the monsoons and the rise in indoor pollution, allergies are on the rise? - along with Covid-19 itself - and have a direct impact on body's respiratory system.   The common cold and flu is also rampant to add to the misery. It is necessary to understand seasonal allergies, its symptoms in order to distinguish them from the symptoms of the common cold, flu
  • BioNTech and Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine shows potential in human trial
    FRANKFURT, July 2 (Reuters) - A COVID-19 vaccine developed by German biotech firm BioNTech and U.S. pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has shown potential and was found to be well tolerated in early-stage human trials, the companies said on Wednesday.   The drug is one of 17 being tested on humans in a frantic global race to find a vaccine the world is counting on to end a pandemic that has infected 10.5 million people and killed more than half a million so far.   The po
  • Diabetes is dynamite for person with Covid: Ex-WHO advisor
    BY SUMIT SAXENA New Delhi, June 30 (IANS) Between 30-40 per cent of deaths from studies in intensive care units from different countries are people with diabetes, said Paul Zimmet, Professor of Diabetes, Monash University, Australia.   Zimmet, who is President International Diabetes Federation, added that the actual mechanism as to why Covid-19 may cause diabetes is as yet unknown, however, several possibilities exist. "COVID-19 is a very destructive and cunning v