• Four-fold Approach to Peace Building
    Rajagopal P V Rajagopal, 2023 recipient of the Niwano Peace Prize, acceptance speech at the 40th Niwano Peace Prize Ceremony, May 11, 2023 International House, Tokyo, Japan May I begin by recognizing
  • 4th Man in the Fire..!
    Good ole Kapil Dev! Not only did he lead the cricket team of 1983 to a World Cup victory, but he set hearts afire yesterday as he led the same team to announce their complete support to the protesting girl w
  • Plastic Pollution: A globally growing concern and a serious issue in India
    Prof Mithilesh Kumar Sinha Department of Economics, NU, Lumami We are now facing our own created-problems of environmental degradation, fragile eco system and human-kind damage though each year over the wor
  • Keep a Balance..!
    “Is today a holiday?” I asked my driver as I observed the roads empty. “All the people are up there!” said my driver. I wondered what he meant, then realised he was pointing to the me
  • May Nagaland remains beautiful, safe, fresh, free from danger now and for the next generations
    Kezhokhoto Savi Advocate & Environment Activist World Environment Day is celebrated annually on June 5 and to encourage awareness and action for the protection of the environment. The theme for World En
  • Appeasing Minorities..! 
    “Stop appeasing the minorities!” shout the majority in the country. Hearing these shouts, I decided to fairly and unbiasedly look into their angry cry. I did and realized how better to think of the
  • Inaction for a Greater Cause..!
    It wasn’t the fact that she was murdered in broad daylight that got me horrified, nor was it the fact that the public did nothing to save her from sixteen stab wounds, and even more that a concrete slab w
  • Go Climb your Everest..!
    "70 years on, Norgay and Hillary’s sons unite to celebrate Himalayan feat..” Times of India, May 29th   At 11:30 a.m. on May 29, 1953, Edmund Hillary of New Zealand, and Tenzing Norgay,
  • Wagging Our Own Tails..!
    My daughter was furious as she walked into the room. “What are you doing dad?” she exclaimed. “Wagging the dog’s tail!” I replied very matter of fact, as I physically held my bewil
  • Rahul’s Small Nudge..! 
    Rahul Gandhi’s popularity is on the rise, and I’d like to imagine, it could have been a small nudge from his mother. Maybe it went like this: “Rahul, please don’t think that you are the
  • Saturn's rings are young and short-lived: NASA
    IANS  Saturn's rings are both young and ephemeral, which means that it may not be long when the beautiful rings may not be there, NASA scientists confirmed in three studies. The research by scien
  • The Two Thousand Rupee Note..!
    Robert Clements A few weeks after the nation was reeling under the shock of demonetization, like a white flag appearing from a trench, after a pitched battle, the two- thousand- rupee note appeared. It was l
  • To Sir With Love..!
    My schoolmates have started a WhatsApp group and every now and then we wish a teacher a happy birthday, and in doing so realize how they played an important role in our lives. Till last year, a ninety-six-year
  • The Naga Identity Crisis! A crisis within a crisis
    Kevichalhou Virie (John John) Blogger The Naga identity crisis arises from the interplay and conflict of interest between various identities such as Clan, Tribe, Naga, Modern, Christian, and Indian. Naga so
  • The Trust Factor in Negotiations..!
    Robert Clements Was intrigued the other day to hear that someone was going to speak on how to negotiate to win. I decided to attend: The speaker was articulate, but as he went on, I realized his methods invo
  • To Lead, Accede and Succeed..!
    The chief minister for Karnataka has finally been chosen, but for a few crucial days after the elections, a tale of two ambitious men holding tightly to the chief minister’s Chair, unfolded! In my wild
  • Laughter and Tough Times..!
    My father loved cowboy pictures and also enjoyed watching war movies, but the reason he relished them wasn't so much the action but the humour. "Just watch their one liners in a tough situation Bob!&qu
  • Trade Potentials between Bangladesh and Nagaland
    Samara Ashrat PhD fellow, International Relations, University of Bucharest The northeast of India is fast gaining attention for its rich economic resources and strategic location. It is positioned to s
  • How Dare You..!
    From the stern, autocratic father to the political dictator, from the rigid headmaster, to a harsh uncle or aunt, dissent is not tolerated. But it’s not just these so called tyrants who can’t take s
  • Freedom to Disagree..!
    Robert Clements The greatest gift a leader can gift himself or herself, is to present oneself with a team who have the freedom to disagree with the leader. “Sir, I don’t agree with your views!