• Ban Vehicles from Using Roads..!
    Being driven around Bhopal and watching pedestrians on the road, off the road and nearly on top of the cars and other vehicles, my imagination started working overtime:The two men walking right in the middle of
  • Human action pushing the world closer to environmental tipping points, UN University Warns
    Alison KentishInter Press ServiceMelting mountain glaciers. Unbearable heat. An uninsurable future. Space debris. Groundwater depletion. Accelerating extinctions. The United Nations University Institute for Env
  • The Most Beautiful Women..!
    They were the most beautiful women I had ever seen together!Oh yes, I have stared unashamedly at calendar collections of beauty queens gathering at some resort, with some famous photographer cunningly revealing
  • WHO’s move for regulation of AI in healthcare highlights risks: Report
    IANSThe World Health Organization's (WHO) recent considerations for the regulation of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare, highlights the potential challenges associated with using AI tools in the sector
  • Oil Palm Plantations: A Disaster for Farmers and the Environment
    Information and Publicity CellNaga ClubPalm Oil the vegetable oil is an extract of the Oil Palm tree. This versatile oil is used for both food and non-food products. In India 70% of palm oil is used as cooking
  • UNSHACKLING OSTEOPOROSIS: Impacting 61 million people's lives in India
    Mukesh BatraIANSlifeOsteoporosis, also known as the "silent disease," works quietly, gradually eroding bone strength and making people more vulnerable to critical fractures. According to the National Centre for
  • CRISIS RESILIENT URBAN FUTURES: The Future of Asian and Pacific Cities 2023
    Armida Salsiah AlisjahbanaInter Press ServiceCities have always been dynamic hubs of culture, education, economic growth and opportunity, and most importantly, centres of social interaction attracting residents
  • India is a great place to relax but not work remotely
    IANSlife India ranks at 64 as the best country for remote work, according to new research by the cybersecurity company NordLayer. It ranks 15 places lower compared to 2022. Last year, the company created t
  • Lashing Out and Losing Out..!
    Being an avid watcher of crime movies, I’ve noticed that whenever a member of the police force has a relative involved in a crime, that particular officer is taken off the case as his or her judgement would b
  • A Healing for Sudden Death..!
    Feel terrible as I see the dead bodies of Israelis and Palestinians. I know that one moment they were alive, the next moment dead! It’s terrible when a loved one suddenly dies. There is no warning, like you h
  • Asian marine life to be impacted the most due to climate change: Experts
    IANSMarine biologists at an international conference here warned that the marine life of Asian countries would be affected the most due to climate change.According to marine biologists, by 2100 the highest prop
  • Festivity with Firecrackers: Stop It!
    Dr. WalunirFestive season is round the corner and some people, especially in Dimapur, have started to announce the advent of the season with firecrackers. Some people seem to have no civic and environmental sen
  • Missing Gentlemen of India..!
    Robert ClementsAs I heard about the very rude and crass speech by a member of Parliament, hurling abuses on another member because of his different faith I realised what’s missing are gentlemen! And so, at th
  • Down from the Blessed Mountain..!
    Robert ClementsThe car ahead moved forward, I followed and there was a screech of brakes as a vehicle from the right narrowly missed hitting me. I looked at the signal, it was still red. I had followed the car
  • Do a Self Appraisal..!
    Robert ClementsMost of us go through life, thinking we are God’s gift to mankind or is it woman kind? We strut around, swagger and feel we are indispensable to home or company. “What would my family ever do
  • Learning to Respond not React..!
    Robert ClementsThis happened years ago when my dog Jeff was alive: A moth, one of those huge ones with big eyes, flew from somewhere and sat on my wife’s side of our bed, a little away from me.She screamed ou
  • Why Should Tears Be Shed?
    Robert Clements And as the Hamas terrorize Israel and Israel retaliates with unparalleled fury, one knows that those laughing their way to the bank are the weapon manufacturers. To keep a war going, a coun
  • Insuring Your Assets..!
    Robert ClementsHolly Madison, the former girlfriend of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, insured an attractive part of her body for 1 million dollars. She said that she insured her famous assets with Lloyd's of Lond
  • Sweetened Tongues..!
    "Oh Bob!" she said as she held my arm, "where've you been?""Bbbut, bbbut," I stammered, "I just missed coming here once!""I missed you," she said and just as I was getting ready to fall into her arms I saw her
  • The Problem Could Be You..!
    A friend of mine called me desperately, “You’ve got to help me, Bob!” he pleaded, “My wife has started becoming very cold to me. I suspect she is having an affair with her boss. He’s a very moneyed ma