• Neighbours like these
    Manoj JoshiEven as a coalition government reaches the mid-point of its five-year term in India, and its economic growth settles around a handsome 8 per cent, our neighbours — east, west, north and south — a
  • Jews and Arabs can never live together: Israel’s vice PM
    Harry de QuettevilleWhen Avigdor Lieberman, a populist Israeli politician frequently compared to Austria’s Jörg Haider and France’s Jean-Marie le Pen, proposed to bus thousands of Palestinians to the Dead
  • Politicisation on affiliation to NBSC
    Minister of education Mr. Imkong Imchen’s statement that the state government would not remain silent on the affiliation of schools of Naga-dominated areas of Manipur to the Nagaland Board of School Education
  • Burning biomass is not green
    Gopal KrishnaKeeping in mind the characteristics of Indian municipal solid waste, a Supreme Court committee had recommended composting and recycling. Still, in our cities and towns, on an average, only 60 per c
  • Drastic action on climate change is needed now - and here’s the plan
    George Monbiot It is a testament to the power of money that Nicholas Stern’s report should have swung the argument for drastic action, even before anyone has finished reading it. He appears to have demon
  • Sri Lankan peace talks collapse amid intensifying Civil War
    K. RatnayakeTalks between the Sri Lankan government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in Geneva last weekend broke up without agreement on any issue, including the convening of another round. The
  • Senseless fratricidal killings
    Zakie Khate One-day future generation of Nagas will look back at the present times and say that it was one of the darkest periods in the Naga History. They would say that the present time was the most sens
  • Pushing India toward a Dollar democracy
    Aseem ShrivastavaIn an article concerned with the rapid urbanization of India and China, a writer for London’s Financial Times (August 5/6, 2006) points out that Bangalore “has become a byword for a catastr
  • The two Punjabs: Drifting apart?
    Hartosh Singh BalPeople-to-people contacts between India and Pakistan will mean nothing if commerce does not pick up. An appreciation of Indo-Pakistani prospects requires looking at Punjab-PunjabOnce again, wit
  • Ground-clearing with the Salwa Judum document actions
    Ilina SenOn 12 September, a huge rally of indigenous people from more than 15 villages around Dhurli, in Dantewara District of Chhattisgarh, marched to the offices of the district administration in Dantewara to
  • Mitigating water-crisis in Punjab: Empowering society with Water Vision
    Umendra Dutt The impending water crisis in Punjab has not only eclipsed its agriculture and economy but also ruined the ecology, health, life style and social fabric of the state. It has severely destroyed
  • For Microcredit to work government must butt out
    Antoaneta BezlovaCelebrating the success of microfinance as an antidote to poverty has raised some uncomfortable questions here over China’s reluctance to allow civil society a bigger role in addressing tough
  • The Way the World Ends
    Helen CaldicottWith all the hype about North Korea, we’re forgetting that the world is still staring down the barrels of thousands of US and Russian ICBMsIt is difficult to underestimate the problems associat
  • Double-digit growth possible but poverty will stay
    Paranjoy Guha ThakurtaAs India’s leaders gear up to boost the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) to a dizzying 10 percent per annum, analysts warn that although double digit growth is achievable the cou
  • Divide and rule, but for how long?
    Jawed NaqviIt was colonial perfidy, or so our elders said. They said divide and rule was a British way to pit Indian against Indian. That’s how they created Pakistan. That’s what we were told. So the Britis
  • Attack on India’s Parliament: Last chance to know what really happened
    Nirmalangshu MukherjiThe attack on Parliament on December 13, 2001 was a major event in contemporary India. As the judicial procedure into this case nears its end, with Mohammed Afzal to be hanged on October 20
  • Afzal must not be executed
    Praful BidwaiThe “black warrant” issued to Mohammed Afzal for his involvement in the 2001 Parliament attack has triggered widespread popular protests in Kashmir and revulsion among the country’s liberals.
  • Why do we criticize our nations?
    SujaiMost people in the world grow up with prejudices and preset notions ingrained into them by the schools, parents and the media.This is no different for people of India. For example, an Indian talking to Pak
  • Microcredit, Macro Problems
    Walden Bello The awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Muhammad Yunus, regarded as the father of microcredit, comes at a time when microcredit has become something like a religion to many of the powerful, r
  • Comments on the Justice (Retd) B P Jeevan Reddy Report on AFSPA
    K.G KannabiranFormer Supreme Court Judge is all over the news. The Committee headed by him appointed to Review the Armed Forces Special Powers Act 1958 has submitted its report and two well-known journalists, S