• Strategic thinker par excellence
    Intellectual progenitor of the Indian nuclear weapons programme and by far the most influential strategic thinker of his own and subsequent generations, K. Subrahmanyam's enduring contribution was the coherent
  • 60% of people living with HIV in India die due to TB
    Sixty per cent of people living with HIV in India are losing their life because of a preventable and curable cause: tuberculosis (TB). India's largest network of people living with HIV (Indian Network of people
  • Overcoming examination phobia
    “Mummy, I feel I’m getting fever.” “I don’t like to appear exam tomorrow.” “Sir, I knew every answer but I don’t know why I could not write anything properly.R
  • Peace Talks issues in Cordillera, Philippines
    Now that the negotiating panels in the peace talks between the GRP and the NDFP have agreed to resume formal negotiations starting February this year, it is timely that concerted efforts be made to ensure that
  • The man who would be President
    Man of the moment? Of course Mohamed ElBaradei is. But man of the people, I have my doubts. He doesn't claim to be, of course, and sitting in his garden easy chair near an impossibly blue but rather small swimm
  • The new middle east: intellectuals & democracy
    Whatever the outcome of the tumultuous events in Egypt and elsewhere in the middle east, it is clear that the region is entering a new phase in its history. This era of change, a century after some Arabs starte
  • Spike in world food prices: It's more than bad weather
    Of all the world headlines that Sen. Richard Lugar could have highlighted this week – the visit of China’s president in Washington, for instance, or the revolt in Arab Tunisia – the most burni
  • Lessons from l'affaire Thomas
    At a time when the whole nation is exercised about how to tackle corruption in the delivery of public services and the management of precious public funds, the Central Vigilance Commission is the last body that
    As part of the yearly action plan 2011 of the Kohima District Planning & Development Board  under the theme ‘Back to the Roots’, the Kohima DPDB has proposed to conceive the formation of a
  • Outcry as Spanish senate goes multilingual
    The upper chamber of Spain's Parliament has sparked controversy by allowing senators to debate in five of the country's different languages, with a battery of interpreters employed to turn their words into a to
  • Mubarak: a leader on the brink
    Will he or won't he go? And if he goes in what circumstances will he do so? Never has there been such acute interest in Egypt and the rest of the world about what goes on inside the head of President Hosni Muba
  • The fish in your tank that could be the answer to heart disease
    A small tropical fish that normally lives in the River Ganges and is commonly found in pet fish tanks could trigger a revolution in the treatment of heart disease and the end of heart-transplant surgery. 
  • When Microcredit Won’t Do
    If you asked poverty experts to name the single most significant new concept in the field in the last few decades, chances are they would say microcredit.  Microcredit is the lending of very small amounts
  • Wikileaks: Journalism or Espionage?
    In setting up WikiLeaks, Julian Assange wanted to bring to light secret agreements between countries. That he succeeded is clear from the number of companies and governments who have tried to shut him downOn 21
  • Opening a Saramati Chapter
    The opportunity to visit the Saramati range in Kiphire district was opened to me by the Nagaland Beekeeping & Honey Mission (NBHM), Kohima. Nestled in this range are 30 villages and NBHM focuses its interes
  • Date With a Revolution
    ON Friday, the “day of rage,” I was in the streets with the protesters. Friends and I participated in a peaceful demonstration that started at the Amr Ibn al-As Mosque in Old Cairo near the Church o
  • Israel: the next war
    In March 1973 the Israeli prime minister Golda Meir visited US president Richard Nixon in Washington. He told her that the Egyptian president Anwar Sadat was prepared to negotiate a full treaty, and Meir assure
  • Brief Background Paper on Naga Political History
    As you journey to some of the North Eastern States of India during this maiden visit from different states and cities of the Indian sub-continent, you must have seen with your own eyes and felt with your own he
  • Naga Women’s contribution not recognised adequately in past census
    As per 2001 Census report, there are 260 ‘Gender Critical’ districts in the country on the basis of poor sex ratio, poor female literacy, and poor work participation of females. Nagaland too has 3 d
  • Is Mubarak's time up after 30 years in power?
    An Egyptian mother hugs her child as she watches some thousands of Egyptian protesters gather at Tahrir square in Cairo, Egypt with the ruling National Democratic party building burned at top right behind the r