• Musharraf conquered Washington, but not Pakistan
    Hamid MirFour years ago, General Pervez Musharraf was the first head of State to announce the death of Osama bin Laden. In an interview to CNN on January 18, 2002, he said bin Laden had died because of his kidn
  • ‘Nagas willing to come as close as possible with India’
    Interview of General VS Atem, Emissary to Collective Leadership, NSCN (IM)By VK Shashikumar, EditorSpecial Investigations, CNN IBNVK Shashikumar: What are those issues that are very relevant at this present tim
  • Mahatma Gandhi and Mass Media
    Prof. V. S. GuptaToday, when the contemporary media scenario bristles with unheard of turmoil- investigative journalism- through all means fair and foul; over-riding role of market forces in the media wherein t
  • Gandhi on the ‘Quit India’ campaign
    I have taken such an inordinately long time over pouring out, what was agitating my soul, to those whom I had just now the privilege of serving. I have been called their leader or, in the military language, the
  • The processing stage - the Key of Belief, Part III
    David ShoshaniThe belief always precedes the reality. If one continuously keep saying to oneself and to the others that TrueLove is fake, and that one will only consider to believe in it once one sees it manife
  • Stop calling People, or Nations, the Devil
    Jesse Jackson  When Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez labeled President Bush the “devil” at the United Nations, saying that the “smell of sulfur” was still on podium, he got the firestorm he knew wo
  • Hashimpura Muslim massacre trial reopens: Can justice be expected?
    Azim A. Khan Sherwani The criminal proceedings against the accused in the notorious Hashimpura massacre case have recently reopened in New Delhi’s Tis Hazaree Court. It is a chilling reminder of the apat
  • How and why tourism enriches
    K.T. Thomas RengmaThat tourism enriches was not an unknown concept even to the ancient Nagas. Illiterate Nagas of old were tourists in their own unique way. They traveled from village to village bartering their
  • Disunity and factionalism
    Edward SaidWhat lies behind the Pavlovian regularity with which Arabs try to hurt and impede each other rather than uniting behind a common purpose, asks Edward SaidUnderlying most of the findings in the much c
  • The discourse on Terrorism and the missing Muslim voice
    Yoginder SikandAddressing a recently-held conclave of Chief Ministers of Congress-ruled states, the Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, warned of a possible spurt in suicide attacks by terrorists targeting r
  • Nepal Ripe for Army Coup?
    Nasser AminThailand’s coup has hit close to home in Nepal’s capital. Here, a hereditary monarch, who like his South-east Asian counterpart claims to be the incarnation of a god, sits in his palace brooding
  • Time to make India a no reservation country
    Rajat NarangWhenever I hear the word ‘Reservation’, the first things that come to mind are trains, planes and movie tickets – where you need to make a reservation for a seat. But, of course, there is also
  • The heat is on: How global warming could suddenly tip over and ignite calamity
    Fiona HarveyScientists at Nasa, instead of staring into the skies, have been using satellites to look down at the world and track how it is changing. Within a year, the US space agency disclosed this week, an a
  • NGO represents people out side the assembly
    In a democratic set up, a government is run by the body which has the mandate of the people known as the government of the people, by the people and for the people. On the other hand, people’s mass based orga
  • Roots of Optimism and Contradictions
    Mukoma Ngugi  The Berlin Wall is dismantled brick by brick in November of 1989. It becomes a symbol of freedom and new beginnings. A few months into 1990 the Soviet Union collapses and from its ruins a ple
  • Let ‘merit’ decide selection through NPSC
    The selection process of the Nagaland Public Service Commission for recruiting officers to the Nagaland civil and allied services has evolved over a period of time. Through past shortcomings and failures, the C
  • Crony Capitalism and its Implications
    Girish Mishra  In Western Uttar Pradesh, the State government has allotted agricultural land, acquired from peasants on very low rates, to industrialist Anil Ambani for building power plants and setting up
  • South African rainbow fades
    Johann RossouwThe African National Congress is losing the support of its communist and trade union allies in South Africa after 12 years in power. The growth rate there is rising impressively but economic divis
  • Single-minded or multi-tasked: What should your child do?
    B S PrakashConcentration or constant diversion; one track or multi-task – that is the question confronting many parents today. If you are a parent, you know the story, but let me explain how it hit me recentl
  • The processing stage – the Key of Belief, Part II
    David ShoshaniNot every belief that you hold needs to be directly related to TrueLove. Often times many of our world-views just slightly touch that issue. Take for instance a girl who has experienced several un